Star Trac 4500HR Treadmills

Star Trac 4500HR Treadmills For Sale

Star Trac treadmills are a very popular offering here at — and the Star Trac 4500HR Treadmill is a mainstay. With a host of features and a long, storied history of quality and value, it’s easy to see why used Star Trac treadmills are such a popular offering among gym and health club owners.

Star Trac 4500HR Treadmills

Star Trac 4500HR Treadmills


The Star Trac line of fitness machines for sale are a great line for a number of reasons. First and foremost, Star Trac has been around for a long, long time. They have a great track record of quality and success.

And they’ve built upon this prestigious lineage to create some of the best Star Trac treadmills ever. And the Star Trac 4500HR is no exception. Though a bit older in the Star Trac line, it’s still a great offering for many different fitness and exercise needs.


We offer tons of refurbished Star Trac Treadmills, in particular used Star Trac 4500HR models. We often have a great sale on Star Trac Treadmills, too, especially the older models. Why? Because we scour the world for the best deals on gyms and health clubs going out of business. And we liquidate them for you.

Some of the features and specs of the Star Trac 4500HR treadmill:

Patented fan technology, offered only by Star Trac.

Amazingly smooth running, thanks to a continually variable belt speed regulator.

Awesome workout programs, designed for varying degrees of difficulty and workout type.

And, of course, if you buy it remanufactured — then offers an amazing warranty. You can be sure to get the best value and pricing when you buy Star Trac treadmills for sale at our proud factory. Fitness with pride.


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