TechnoGym 700 Excite Recline Bikes

TechnoGym 700 Excite Recline Bikes For Sale

Our reconditioned TechnoGym Excite 700 Recline Bikes are popular for their style and comfort and the various utilities they offer users. The Recline in any brand name is a key attraction. But, it means more with TechnoGym Excite Bikes. The ‘Recline’ in Excite 700 Recline bikes implies that it is going to be more relaxing, more comfortable, and overall more enjoyable when working out.  Your customers with limited mobility requirements will surely love this Recline model of TechnoGym Excite 700 bikes.

TechnoGym Excite 700 Recline Bikes

TechnoGym Excite 700 Recline Bikes

Do any of your health club or gym customers ask for low-to-moderate cardiovascular activity? The 700 Excite Recline model is capable of offering an alternative cycling exercise. Are there highly active senior customers with back problems? Having a few TechnoGym Excite 700 Recline Bike models will help you satisfy these customers that have certain physical limitations. Availability of visual display for Customer Goal Orientation and Calorie Coach are other exciting features of the Excite 700 Recline Bikes. The power requirements are 100-240 VAC and 50/60 Hz. The power consumption approximates to 50 VA.

An easily adjustable Back Rest has four different positions. Also, the Excite 700 Recline model has wider pedals. The pedal straps are also easily adjustable. The handlebars in the 700 Excite Recline Bikes are ergonomically designed to facilitate climbing on or getting down the bike.  The hand sensors account for displaying the heart rate when your customers are working out, which we usually call the heart rate interactive function. Without the need to work on the keypad, customers are at the advantage of adjusting the intensity of their exercise using Fast Track Controls found on the side of their seat. All things considered, it’s a fine cardio experience.

The TechnoGym Excite 700 Recline model offers 23  programs and supports 15 languages. It weighs approximately 81 Kgs. The overall dimension is 1600 mm (length) * 1294 mm (height) * 600 mm (width).  The maximum customer weight it can handle is 220 Kgs. Adjustment of seat height is possible at a step-up rate of 12.5 mm.

Having said that, why not buy TechnoGym 700 Excite Recline Bikes to adorn your gym or health center? With a few Excite 700 Recline bikes installed in your gym, you can sign up more customers in no time. Seize this opportunity to add more  customers to your gym.


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