How To Assemble a Life Fitness 95Ti

HOW TO: Life Fitness 95Ti Assembly

The Life Fitness 95Ti Treadmill is one of the most popular, newer treadmills on the market. Our customers love Life Fitness Treadmills because they are very reliable. They are also beautiful machines that come at a great value, so gym clientele and owners love them. At, we precision remanufacture all our Life Fitness gym equipment, so you can be certain that you are getting like new gym equipment of the highest quality — at the best possible prices!

How To Assemble A Life Fitness 95Ti

If you’re going to assemble a Life Fitness 95Ti Treadmills — or a Life Fitness 97Ti Treadmill — then you will want to follow some pretty careful instructions.

We have put together an entire, comprehensive video on the Life Fitness 95Ti assembly process, from start to finish, which we have provided below.

Some important things for you to remember before you get started are as follows:

Be certain you have a clean, clear working space when working on assembling and Life Fitness Treadmills. There are a great number of small parts, so it is wise to be very organized and systematic whenever you are thinking of doing any work on your treadmills.

Additionally, make sure you have all the proper tools at your disposal, and a system for organizing them. For this job, you will require drills, wrenches (socket and hex), screwdrivers, and a space to store parts.

It’s also wise to remember that, when you are assembling a Life Fitness 95Ti Treadmills, or a Life Fitness 97Ti Treadmill, keep your hands clean and gloved. You will be working with delicate electronic components, which you must be very careful with. Do not get them dirty or damaged.

When you receive a Life Fitness Treadmill from, it will come in a box. All the parts will be provided to you. The assembly process should take between one and two hours, though you will be much better with practice.

Always remember, you can CONTACT US at any time if you have problems, questions, or concerns. We are always happy to serve our customers here at!

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