The Importance of Health Club Design

The Importance of Health Club Design

It’s all in the psychology.

Décor and design are important facets to consider when creating your gym. They can take you from an average, nothing special outfit to a high-end operation, designed to monetize every aspect of your business. It’s all in the psychology.

As published in Optimal DSI, “The Future of Health Club Design Is Experience,” Bruce Carter says that every industry that deals directly with the public (customers, clients…) should extensively research the psychological aspect that aesthetics has on customer behavior – or how they could turn their environment into something that they would get people into behaving in desired ways , converting a lead into a customer, for example.

And because health clubs sell what many people do not really like doing– exercise– they must do their job so that they can attract people to exercise. This is exactly what a health club design is doing. It inspires or bores, overwhelms or welcomes your potential members.

Needless to say, the aura of your health club’s ambience can showcase your proposition, products and services and can say a lot about your gym, eventually conveying your brand’s message to existing and prospective members. From the moment they get into your gym’s door, they are creating an impression in their minds about what your gym can exactly offer and maybe how serious you are in your business.

And according to interior design experts the most inexpensive way of coming up with a great design is the creative use of colors, which can do wonders when used properly, but may be offensive when used improperly. Another aspect is lighting, also an effective design aspect that is equally becoming more important in many state-of-the-art health clubs around. Do not be like those thinking that their boring and uninspiring environments are not very significant in helping people fit; in fact, being in this thinking is at their disadvantage.

Just like someone walking into a good restaurant with tantalizing food menus are expecting to be satisfied with the beautiful environment, fitness seekers equally will feel rewarded with a great health club design, apart from the gym’s great service and quality equipment. Club owners who are up to the challenge of creating that inviting environment can become more rewarded when their members stay due to the great impression a club offers them. These members are more likely to stay in your health club, spend for membership and share or spread the word about your business to their colleagues, loved ones and friends.

Always keep in mind that the fitness industry, just like any other, is growing and so should you. Health clubs, for that matter, are no longer businesses that financial institutions would stay away from. You should, therefore, invest in the appearance of your fitness facility, keeping in mind the decor and design to be the future that plays a big role in the success and/or future expansion of a gym.

Why Is Great Gym Design Indispensable?

Fitness center design is a manner of organizing your guests and members experience and that their concepts well as elements work to touch on every member’s sense when exploring or maybe finding a new gym to use. Think of a world-class, cost-effective design, which is carefully thought of for enhancing the benefits of membership your gym offers rather than only features.

A successful member growth and retention rates are also dependent on gym design. In matters of aesthetics, your specific decor and design concept improves how your fitness facility works, feels and looks. Moreover, the decor and design of your training areas, exercise areas and group fitness areas can work and flow as one to showcase your confidence as well as dictate your members and prospective members experiences. If you want to create a great health club design and become one of the world’s most intelligently and creatively themed one, you should put the right colors, material compositions, low and high lightings, surface textures, specific scents and sound system together.

Health Club Design Tips

1. Design must display your business proposition value.

2. The lobby should be a focus in design because it serves as the focal point where first impression can be made. There can also be more seating areas so that people can interact and more space allocated for group training and functional training. Another trend, according to Bruce Carter, is that gym should have more spacious and spa-like locker rooms.

3. Christa Plaza, another health club design expert, said that a lot of members right now go to more than one gym and that they want a more social atmosphere as well as specialty offered by a boutique gym.

4. A gym owner may also want to consider quick repainting as well as new laminate desk colors and accent lightings, including drum lights and pendants for added excitement. Also, new comfort furnishings may work well.

5. Every area in the gym should be defined by its purpose according to its connection to other important club areas.

6. Gym owners, say the experts, should also continue on surveying members in order to learn of their changing expectations and needs so that the gym’s design will remain adaptable. Exercise areas can change to accommodate the trends and expectations of members and their engagement and experiences.

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