International Distributors

Used Gym Equipment is focused on supplying the Worlds Commercial Gym market. We try to make it as easy to buy from across the World, as it is to buy in your own Country.

The 2 most important things are freight costs and replacement parts for service and maintenance. Get International Gym Equipment today.

Shipping your gym equipment by container load across the ocean is cheaper than trucking it inside the USA. It usually cost only $100 / $150 per machine on average.

The best part is we will keep you supplied with discount replacement parts. So you can keep your fitness machines working for years to come. You will not have to buy parts from your local dealer. In fact you will pay the same price for parts that we do. You will get such a deal that you can sell these parts for profit in your country.

We will help you service and maintain your machines by emailing you detailed information on technical know how. All you need are the proper tools and instructions. There are no special skills needed to work on this exercise equipment. It is much easier than you would expect.

Get International Gym Equipment for sale today!

The process begins when you get in touch with a Used Gym Equipment sales rep. International buyers can call 310-323-2984 or send an email to:

    • Step 1 – Is to prepare a detailed proposal with your discounted prices. The larger your order the bigger the cost savings. Your sales rep will send you pictures and details of the gym machines you need.
    • Step 2 – Is to send us a deposit to start your order. After we receive your deposit we will tag as sold all the gym machines on your proposal.
  • Step 3 – Your equipment goes into the workstation to be remanufactured. We try to complete all orders in 30 business days or less.

Once your equipment is finished you can fly into Los Angeles airport. We will pick you up and bring you to ourfacility that is only 20 minutes away. You can inspect each of your machines for quality. Make your final payment and fly home the same day. We will pack your container for free and send it on its way. It usually takes about 3 weeks on the ocean to arrive to you.

All your customers will think you bought brand new gym equipment. The amount of money you will save is well worth the effort. Most buyers think it is just too much effort and potentially too many problems to buy from overseas. This is far from the truth.

Most of our buyers do not fly to Los Angeles to inspect their gym machines. We sell over 1 million dollars a month and have partnerships with Life Fitness, Precor, Star Trac and others. We have built our A+ reputation since 1989 and you will always get exactly what you pay for.

You can get as much as 2 years of part replacement warranty with your order. If one of your fitness machines under warranty has a problem it will be handled as quickly as possible.

Used Gym Equipment is your best choice to gain an advantage over your local competition for international gym equipment. Put in better quality American gym equipment and keep more money in your bank account.

I hope we can help your business be more successful like we have done for so manyInternational buyers.

Thank you,

Steve Paterson VP.

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