Life Fitness Exercise Bikes

Life Fitness Exercise Bikes For Sale

Life Fitness exercise bikes are a great way to outfit your gym or health club at a great price. Everyone knows that Life Fitness gym equipment is some of the most trusted and time tested gym equipment in the world. has a wide array of Life Fitness Exercise Bikes for sale. At great prices!

Life Fitness exercise bikes are built well. And they are built to last. You can be sure that if you purchase used Life Fitness Exercise Bikes, you will be happy with what you get. Especially if you get precision remanufactured Life Fitness gym equipment from us! We make sure to replace all wear parts. We also lubricate and clean everything. And let us not forget our powder coat painting. Your Life Fitness exercise bikes will work and look as good as new!

Life Fitness Exercise Bikes

Life Fitness Exercise Bikes

Exercise bikes usually come in two types: Upright and Recumbent. Upright exercise bikes are exactly what they sound like. Upright. So when you use them, you sit on them like a normal bike. They are extremely popular in any gym or health club, thanks for the ease of use and low impact workout they provide. Life Fitness Upright Bikes are a great option!

Life Fitness Recumbent Bikes are another option. With recumbent bikes, you sit down and can rest your back. Life Fitness Recumbent bikes are particularly popular with rehabilitation clinics and older health club clientele. Why? Because it’s a very easy, laid back workout. We recommend offering this option in your clubs, so that everyone can enjoy exercising.


Some of our most popular models of Life Fitness Exercise Bikes include the Life Fitness 95R Engage Lifecycle Bikes. Also the Life Fitness 95C Engage Lifecycle Bikes.

Come get the best prices on Life Fitness Exercise bikes for sale!

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