Life Fitness Multi Stations

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Of all the used fitness equipment for sale at our fine factory — used multi stations are some of the most popular. Why? Because used multi stations are essentially like a whole gym in one machine. And Life Fitness multi stations for sale here at are some of the best in the business.

Used multi stations are so popular because they offer every kind of workout imaginable. Back, shoulders, legs, arms, chest — everything in one machine! For example, the Life Fitness MJ8 Multi-Jungle can accommodate up to eight people working out at the very same time!

Life Fitness Multi Stations

Life Fitness Multi Stations


So if you’re looking for great used fitness equipment for sale in the strength category, consider a Life Fitness multi station from We make sure to remanufacture everything. That means you’ll get it as good as new, at a mere fraction of the original cost.

And when you outfit your gym or health club with a multi station, you’re bound to attract a host of clientele. Why? Because it’s so easy for personal trainers and staff to work the machines in a full body circuit. That’s why everybody wants our used multi stations for sale.

Some things to consider if you’re going to purchase a Life Fitness multi station:

1. Do you have enough space? Life Fitness multi stations can span up to 24 feet in length and 14 feet in width. If you’re buying one, be certain you have the space!

2. Knowledgeable staff. Used multi stations and jungle gyms can be awesome tools — if you know how to use them. There are literally thousands of different exercises you can do, but that means your staff needs to know the right way to use your multi station or jungle gym.

3. Assembly. Be certain to follow our instructions carefully! Used multi stations can be tricky to put together!

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