Matrix Treadmills

Matrix Treadmills For Sale

Matrix Treadmills are a wonderful option available from We have precision remanufactured Matrix Treadmills for sale. Please, give us a call!

Matrix is a popular brand of treadmill that we love to precision remanufacture. We take our used Matrix Treadmills through the ringer and give you the best gym equipment you can possibly buy! And at amazing prices!


Matrix Treadmills

Matrix Treadmills

That means we replace all wear parts. With change out bearings. We swap out bushes. We change decks. We change belts. We custom powder-coat paint. Yes, at, we do it all.

That means when you buy a Matrix Treadmills from us — you know you’re getting the best. We take the time and pride to ensure that you get quality products, every single time. We have an amazing precision remanufacturing facility. Located in sunny Southern California, our facility spans a massive 120,000 square feet. It’s the biggest, best gym equipment facility in the world.


None of our competitors can match our skill and resources. That’s why our Matrix Treadmills are second to none. We’ll get you the best possible prices on the best products. Remanufactured like new. That’s our motto at

So give us a call — or come in for a visit. We can show you our massive Matrix Treadmill inventory. Or any of our awesome remanufactured gym equipment.

Our most popular Matrix Treadmill is the Matrix T7xi Treadmill. It’s a beautiful machine. And it comes at a great price. You’ll get all the amenities of more expensive treadmill models at a lower price. That includes a beautiful, easy-to-use display. And an incline control. And a fully adjustable workout regime. That means customization for your gym clientele when you buy Matrix Treadmills for sale.

SEE MATRIX STRENGTH EQUIPMENT HERE! It’s our business to save your business money.

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