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Are you ready to pump some iron? Used Gym Equipment is. We’re known for our high-quality, affordable exercise equipment, but did you know we also offer an excellent assortment of Olympic weight plates, rubber weight plates and other fitness accessories? Yep, many smart gym owners in the US and across the world depend on UGE for heavy weights at light prices!

Weight Plates

Weight Plates

Our EWP Rubber Olympic Plates, Colored Plates and EWP Bumper Plates are designed for seamless integration with your existing weight machines and exercise equipment. With a universal fit and easy-to-use configuration, our used weight plates offer the value you need and the quality & appearance you’ve come to expect from UGE.

UGE used weight plates have the look and feel of brand-new, right out of the box exercise equipment. Much like our fitness equipment refurbishment process, our weight plates are cleaned, resurfaced, quality checked and put through a multi-point, detailed remanufacturing process.

For dependable performance and a name you can trust, our EWP Rubber Olympic weights make an ideal addition to your home gym or member-paying facility. Their durable rubber coating ensures years of lasting use, even after significant wear & tear. EWP Bumper Plates feature a functional design – the familiar weight stack – for anyone looking to bring a traditional vibe into their own gym.

Add a splash of color & fun to your weight room with our Colored Plates. Bright, vibrant tones put a pretty face on these guys, but don’t be fooled – they’re all business when it comes to adding or removing weight quickly & efficiently. Our EWP Rubber Olympic Weights, EWP Bumper Plates and Colored Plates work with bench press bars, leg press machines and many other different types of fitness modules from Used Gym Equipment.

To optimize your gym floor, you must give your members the most flexible & convenient exercise options. A crucial aspect of this “recipe for success” includes weight plates. As a general rule of thumb, you can never have too many rubber or Olympic weight plates. An individual patron may need the weight to reach a PB (personal best), or many customers might require additional plates for targeted, specific exercises, such as leg presses, lat pulldowns, military presses and more. The same applies to your private home gym, too. Nothing can frustrate a serious weightlifter more than not having enough plates. Make sure you have enough weight for all your exercise routines – UGE is your one-stop shop for top-end, low-cost weight plates.

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