Preventive Maintenance For Gym Equipment

Preventive Maintenance Plan From

The gym equipment we sell here at is of the highest commercial quality. It is intended to last for a long time under heavy use, but only if keep it is properly serviced and maintained. That can be a challenging proposition.

What we’ve learned over the last few decades is that, while it’s crucial to keep your equipment well maintained, the majority of gym and health club owners are not aware of the importance of preventive maintenance.

From waxing treadmills and changing belts and decks, to swapping out consoles, to lubricating and cleaning strength equipment — it’s a full-time job. If it’s not done properly, equipment can be permanently damaged or even destroyed. If you wish to protect your investment, then you need to be knowledgeable and conscientious. Unfortunately, many gym and health club owners are not well versed in the practice of gym equipment maintenance.

That’s why we offer the Preventive Maintenance Plan. Once you sign up, we handle all maintenance and repairs of your gym equipment. Our certified Technicians will come to your gym or health club and make sure that all your machines are in excellent working condition. They’ll perform all regularly scheduled service, and if a machine is broken or malfunctioning, they’ll repair it.

With properly serviced machines, your investment is protected, ultimately lowering your overhead and allowing you to focus on what really matters: Making your business thrive. We love to serve.

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