Strength Circuits

Used Strength Circuits For Sale

If you’re looking for a circuit machine, or a full set of circuit machines, look no further than We have a vast inventory of the very best brands — such as Hammer Strength circuit machines, Life Fitness circuit machines, Precor commercial circuits, TechnoGym used circuits, and many more — remanufactured to be as good as new at a mere fraction of the cost.

Strength Circuits

Strength Circuits

The circuit machine is the mainstay of any health club or gym. If you’re looking to open up a quality facility, you’ll need at least one of our commercial circuits. Your clients will love using the circuit machines because it allows for an easy, injury-free weightlifting workout for the entire body. Instead of grappling with free weights and dangerous workout regimes, your clients will be able to easily use a circuit machine to isolate muscle groups and correctly perform exercises.


Commercial circuits are one of our hottest selling products here at We have 20 years of experience precision remanufacturing used circuits to be as good as new, at a mere fraction of the cost. We replace all moving parts — such as cables, bearings, weight stacks — so that your circuit machine functions in perfect mechanical order. We also completely strip and sandblast the frames, then custom powder-coat paint them in a huge variety of colors. Finally, we even change the upholstery on your used circuits, hand-stitched in dozens of color options to the highest standards of American craftsmanship.


Of course, no gym or health club would be complete without a commercial circuit. But circuit machines are very expensive. A complete commercial circuit might, indeed, be too expensive for you to afford. But not a used circuit from, remanufactured to be as good as new at a mere fraction of the cost. We also offer attractive financing options for customers in the US, to help you realize your dreams and open your own gym. It’s our business to save your business money.

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