Top 5 Gyms In Riyadh

Checkout the Top Five Gyms in Riyadh

In today’s world, where people are becoming overweight due to passive lifestyle, they are also becoming more conscious about their fitness and health. Similarly, in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, a large percentage of people are obese as their jobs demand long hours of sitting in front of computers. However, they are willing to spend money to become fabulous, fit and healthy. Here is a list of top five gyms in Riyadh that can help you accomplish your fitness goals.

1. Kinetico

Kinetico is a one-stop fitness center for women. It offers a wide range of classes, performing arts and wellness training programs that helps you build flexibility, strength and improve on all that you need to make you fit. Along with a sportswear boutique and an internet access, the center also has a cafeteria that caters healthy and nutritious dishes for their patrons. The popular classes are Yoga, Body Balance, KardioKombat, Triskel and Zumba. KardioKombat is an intense body workout that involves kickboxing and boxing moves. Triskel is a strength training class that makes use of Berk method and Zumba combines reggae, mambo and meringue. Also, there are various other formats and types of classes that match with your needs and personality. For the best value, you can avail smart pack which includes more than one kind of class for you. As regards membership, the center offers different packages varying from one month to a year.

Top 5 Gyms In Riyadh

Top 5 Gyms In Riyadh

2. Curves

This is one of the recent fitness centers for women in Panorama Mall at Riyadh. Unlike other gyms that have usual gym machines and equipment like the elliptical curves or the treadmill, curves provide a thirty minute body workout through the circuit. This interactive circuit comprise of eight machines with hydraulic resistance which targets specific body parts. There are also recoveries boards between the machines that let you run, jump, jog and walk in place. The gym offers a three month membership for SR 2,700 and an annual membership for SR 5000 which is said to be the perfect plan with its various perks and benefits. There is also a facility of changing rooms and lockers.

3. Life Fitness gym

Life Fitness is one of the most popular gyms in Riyadh, specialized for men and women. With clean and high safety standards, the gym offers a wide variety of facilities such as advanced training equipment, extensive fitness programs and qualified trainers who are renowned for their top-notch training to answer all your queries regarding health and fitness. Operating all days from 7:00 a.m. to midnight, the gym is dedicated to help you accomplish your health objectives and fitness goals

4. Fitness Time Pro

Fitness Time Pro is a popular gym in Riyadh that offers a wide variety of amenities to its members. These may include sauna, steam room, lockers, laundry service, child-care, massage, spa services, physical therapy, parking space, restaurant and a café that caters nutritious food for its patrons. The gym also boasts of a wide range of studios or courts such as racquetball court, squash court, tennis court, football court, indoor track, stretching area, swimming pool, climbing wall, Pilates studio, Yoga studio. The popular fitness classes available here are cardio, Yoga, Pilates, kickboxing, boxing, martial arts, strength circuit, flexibility classes, dance, Zumba, boot camp, water fitness, karate, tai chi, pole fitness and fitness camps. The members can enjoy doing workout with a variety of world-class equipments such as elliptical machines, treadmills, free weights, rowing machines, stability balls, fettle bells, selectorized machines and exercise bikers. To get you started, Fitness Time Pro offers a trial membership, month to month fee, short term membership, free trial and also a 12 month contract.


5. Yibreen

Combining the calming benefits of a salon, spa and a gym, Yibreen is the ultimate pleasure-seeking experience. Located in the lush desert oasis in the center of Saudi Arabia, Yibreen offers a wide range of classes and fitness programs. Programs may comprise personal training, fitness evaluation, swimming lessons and nutritional therapy program. Classes may include Funky Step, Liquid Bliss, Kick Aerobics, Mat Pilates, Body Blitz, Ashtanga Yoga, Kickboxing and Belly dancing. You can take an annual membership package for SR9, 500 to enjoy all of Yibreen’s services and can avail the benefits of 20% discount on salon and spa services, three personalized training sessions, 6 guest passes and one nutrition consultation. However, the membership fee may vary depending upon your fitness needs.



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