Union Gospel Church Loves Used Gym Equipment

Union Gospel Church Love Used Gym Equipment!

The Used Gym Equipment Company is proud to announce another satisfied customer: The Union Gospel Mission in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.

We’re thrilled to donate gym equipment and sell gym equipment at a huge discount, to their new Women’s and Children’s Rescue and Recovery Center.

Focused on serving the most needy and vulnerable members of society as they find their way along the road to recovery. Serving destitute and homeless women and children from across the land. The Rescue and Recovery Center is a beacon of hope in the local community. That’s why the Used Gym Equipment Company decided to donate, (and sell at a big discount), professional health club quality equipment to help the Union Gospel Mission cause. We were asked to help and we believe that fitness is a key part of a healthy, balanced life — so anything we can do to help those in need is a blessing and a gift.

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