Used Gym Equipment For Sale

David Gym Buys Used Gym Equipment!

Used Gym Equipment For Sale

When Senior Analyst at the Henkel Corporation Sergiy Sachko needed to create an employee gym, he wasn’t sure exactly how he was going to design the space. Naturally, he was nervous that the fitness equipment wouldn’t fit within the dimensions of the room in which he was planning to build.

That’s why he loved‘s dedicated, custom-designed Gym Planner software. “Your gym planning software is what sold me, it helped me design different rooms,” making the entire process painless and easy.


An Image of Sergiy’s Gym Planner Layout

The Henkel Corporation has a policy of sustainability and environmentally friendly development, so Sergiy was happy to buy recycled goods. “The sustainability model made for a simpler sale.” 

Now that he has the equipment installed, he couldn’t be happier: “We received a lot of compliments on the equipment, people never thought the machines were re-built.”


An Image From The New Gym

That’s the best part about giving the chance to serve you: We provide you equipment as good as new — for a mere fraction of the cost. And nobody will be able to tell the difference! Save green by going green. 

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