Goes Green – And Saves Green is proud to announce that it recycled 3,526,437 pounds of used gym equipment in 2012. By pursuing an environmentally sustainable business philosophy, UGE has become world’s premiere remanufacturer of used gym equipment.

Used Gym Goes Green Infographic

Used Gym Goes Green Infographic

President, Austin Hai, acquires used gym equipment from premium health clubs and gyms, then has it shipped to UGE’s expansive, 130,000 square foot precision remanufacturing facility located in Carson, California. Instead of being thrown in the dump, the machines are carefully evaluated for quality and disassembled by expert technicians. Then the remanufacturing process begins: the frames are custom powder-coated with fresh paint; all the worn parts are replaced; and all the mechanical components — such as treadmill motors and cross-trainer display panels — are restored to like-new condition. With top brands available like Cybex, many people are interested in the like-new machines.

Once the machines are completely reassembled, they look and function like new — but UGE sells them at a fraction of the original price. By remanufacturing millions of pounds of used gym equipment that would otherwise be crowding the nation’s landfills, UGE saves its customers huge amounts of money while helping to preserve the environment.

But UGE’s commitment to social responsibility doesn’t end there. Remanufacturing is a labor-intensive process. While many companies outsource their labor, UGE employs over 50 hard-working Americans in skilled manufacturing positions. Instead of exporting jobs, UGE exports millions of dollars worth of used gym equipment to over 100 countries across the globe. UGE can afford to compete with other gym equipment manufacturers who do outsource their labor because going green has cut costs and allowed UGE to produce the best possible products at the lowest prices.

UGE is proud to be a forward-thinking company. By adhering to a green business philosophy and building a community of dedicated workers, UGE is able to thrive in a competitive market.

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