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Cybex is a total package brand that offers their customers with a complete line of fitness machines and tools they need to develop muscles and improve performance without posing harm or stress to the muscles. Because trainees can select from a wide range of resistance or intensity offered by their selectorized and cardio sets, they can harvest the results of their training in a fast and convenient manner without experiencing pain. All types of trainees ranging from beginners, rehabilitation patients, seniors, bodybuilders and athletes all have their place in a Cybex machine that suits their level and fitness goals. If you want to start owning Cybex for the training advantage of your members and of yourself, do not think twice in getting in touch with The Used Gym EquipmentCompany. We offer you more than a hundreds of Cybex products in our big inventory of quality and durable used Cybex sets.

CYBEX Strength Equipment

Cybex also offers selectorized strength machines! Due to its passion for fitness, Cybex is able to design, engineer and develop pieces that offer superior technology and smooth feel by integrating correct human biomechanics into the design. In this case, exercisers from all levels never have to feel stressed but experience smooth training as they can move just as how they do in real life movements. 

Cybex offers free weights designed and created with convenient use for every trainee and offers the Big Iron made for top athletes and sports teams of the NBA and NFL, among others. Not to forget is that Cybex also offers multi-gym and jungle gyms that allow several trainees to work out simultaneously in training varied muscle groups.

CYBEX Cardio Equipment

Cybex offers a wide range of cardio and strength training machines and has the largest strength training line with more than 150 products that include plate-loaded, modular, Big Iron and free weights. They also offer a vast range of bikes, treadmills and arc trainers that offer unique elliptical training for providing users with high-intensity but low impact workouts that lessen damage and stress to the knees.