Steppers and Climbers

Used Commercial Stair Steppers & Climbers

Steppers and climbers are becoming an increasingly popular exercise option in gyms and health clubs all over the world. has a broad selection of both steppers and stair climbers, remanufactured to be as good as new as a mere fraction of the cost.

Step machines and climbers are, as the names imply, machines that produce a stepping or climbing motion. These exercises are excellent for the strengthening calf muscles, toning thighs, or shaping glutes. Often, extreme athletes will enjoy exercises on a stepper machine or climber, as they help with extreme cross-training and reduce the risk of serious injury. Women also find steppers and climbers appealing, because they’re so effective at shaping and toning the entire lower body.

Mountaineers, endurance athletes, and even professional sports players often use steppers or climbers to train. But they also use steppers and climbers for another purpose: Rehabilitation. Because these machines allow for a large range of motion, with extremely low impact movements, they’re great for getting back in shape after a sports injury.

If you’re looking to buy commercial steppers or climbers, then the best thing you can do is to purchase from We will provide you with used steppers and climbers, remanufacutred to be as good as new and custom powder-coated, at a mere fraction of the cost of buying brand new.

Some of our most popular brands include Precor Steppers, Life Fitness Steppers, and Cybex Steppers. And you won’t find another company in the whole world who has more experience precision remanufacturing commercial steppers to be as good as new again. So come down to our 130,000 square foot remanufacturing facility here in Southern California and see our amazing used steppers and climbers for yourself. We guarantee, you won’t be disappointed.

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