Life Fitness Treadmills

Life Fitness Treadmill – Our Most Popular Brand…See For Yourself!

When workout warriors demand the best cardio workout possible, they need the features, function and fitness-friendly controls for a serious, sustained training effort. And only one brand delivers: Life Fitness treadmills. In fact, they’re far and away the most popular brand we sell at Gym owners, fitness facility proprietors and exercise center managers – domestic and international – depend on Life Fitness treadmills for long-lasting value and exceptional performance characteristics.

UGE ships used yet expertly refurbished Life Fitness treadmills all over the globe. With ever-increasing numbers of fitness centers opening up everywhere, our worldwide customer base has made their preference known – when catering to their own customers, a Life Fitness commercial treadmill is the only brand to offer excellent return on investment, industry-leading durability and an impressive assortment of styles & models to meet any gym’s needs.

Why do our customers love Life Fitness treadmills? First, they’re getting a name that’s recognized throughout the fitness world. And by purchasing from Used Gym Equipment, there’s the added benefit of getting a quality remanufactured product that looks and performs like new, yet costs significantly less than a brand new treadmill. Life Fitness treadmills + Used Gym Equipment’s exclusive remanufacturing process = happy customers and satisfied gym members.

Plus, a Life Fitness treadmill from UGE has the same factory settings and features as the day it rolled off the assembly line. Many of the treadmills provide a flexible array of workout options and exercise modes, including Manual, Random, Hills, Fat Burn, Customized Cool Down and many others. Along with the multiple workout programs, your clients will love the Life Fitness treadmill because it has so many superb features, such as heart-rate monitoring, social media compatibility, incline and decline capability and much more.

Commercial Life Fitness treadmills are engineered and designed to handle the heavy workload of a high-volume gym or fitness center. There is a considerable difference between commercial Life Fitness treadmills and the home-based line of Life Fitness treadmills. The home version is built for intermittent use, generally lower levels of impact and minimal wear-and-tear. Most people who acquire Life Fitness treadmills for their personal home use operate them very rarely.

However, it’s a very different story with Life Fitness treadmills from Used Gym Equipment. They’re engineered for the long haul, with added reinforcements, sturdier framework and the durable design attributes to handle the heavy duty workload of a busy gym, exercise center or health club. And because the Fitness Technicians have more experience precision remanufacturing used Life Fitness treadmills, they’re simply a better value than other Life Fitness treadmills from other companies. Our specially trained manufacturing personnel know Life Fitness treadmills inside and out. Every treadmill we ship goes through a stringent quality control check, ensuring each unit is as good as new.

So purchase a used Life Fitness treadmill from UGE with confidence! You can be absolutely certain you’re getting the best Life Fitness treadmills money can buy, at hundreds of dollars below the brand new price.

The UGE Life Fitness Treadmills Product Lineup

If you’re in the market for a professionally remanufactured treadmill, check out our Life Fitness inventory. Our best-selling models include:

Browse our current selection – we’re sure you’ll find a Life Fitness commercial treadmill that will fit your budget. If you don’t find the exact model you’re looking for, call our team of Life Fitness treadmill specialists at (800) 884-1446. So if you’re in the market for Life Fitness treadmills, give us a call. We can get you a factory refurbished used Life Fitness treadmill, remanufactured to be as good as new, at a price that’s hard to pass up!

Here’s another advantage of going with Used Gym Equipment for your treadmills: we’re also a premier buyer of used Life Fitness commercial treadmills. That’s how we’re able to offer such a great variety at unbelievable prices. If you’re moving gym locations or opening up a new health club and are considering selling your Life Fitness treadmills, why not get the best return on investment possible? Contact us today and we’ll work for you – and with you – to ensure optimum ROI.

Our philosophy at UGE is simple and straightforward: to help your business save money and grow your customer base with the best remanufactured exercise equipment you’ll find anywhere. With our selection of Life Fitness commercial treadmills, you have a partner to help you buy or sell ready-to-use fitness gear. Call us at (800) 884-1446 or send a message on our contact page to get started today!