Multi Stations, Jungle Gyms and Multi-Gyms is a wonderful source of one of the most popular pieces of gym equipment in the world: the Multi Station also known as the Jungle Gym. Multi Stations are a wonderful and crucial addition to any gym or health club, as they allow for a huge number of exercises on a single machine.

The multi station is an extremely popular fitness offering because it allows for a wide array of wonderful, full-body exercises. You can workout your arms with curls and dips. You can use multi station cables to workout your chest with crossovers and press moves. You can perform chin-ups, pull-ups, and cable cross over exercises from our commercial multi stations. You can do triceps and rows, too. With a multi station machine from, you can literally get a full body workout!

Your clients will love the fact that your multi stations are a one-stop way to get an entire, comprehensive workout. Your trainers will love the fact that your used jungle gym is just as good as new, precision remanufactured by experts who care. And you’ll love the fact that you save tons of money, which you can reinvest in marketing and human resources to ensure that your business grows.

So check out some of our most popular jungle gyms. We have used multi stations from Life Fitness, Icarian, BodyMasters and Cybex jungle gym. All of our brands come in a huge array of custom power-coated paint colors, so that you can choose how you want your awesome used multi stations to look. We change out all the wear items, too, such as cables, decals, plates. By the time we’re finished, your multi station will look and work as good as new — your customers and clients won’t even be able to tell the difference! And the best part is, you’ll save tons of money! It’s our business to save your business money.