Selectorized Strength

Selectorized Strength Machines For Sale

Selectorized strength machines, or circuit machines, were invented in the 1970’s by the Nautilus Company. These are the fixed weight stack machines with the hole to insert the pin to easily select the weight amount that you want for your next exercise. These days, selectorized strength machines are a key component of any successful gym or health club. That means you need excellent equipment. And we have it.

When Nautilus invented selectorized strength, they were looking for a way to make weight lifting easier. The average person would rather have easy-to-use machines. Because of the ease of, this type of gym equipment became very popular. Eventually a series of 10 or 15 selectorized strength machines were placed in a line and called a circuit. This circuit was a complete body workout if you worked your way down from machine 1 to the end of the line.

The circuit training set up was the item that finally made the gym a place for people who wanted to get healthy, but were not body builders. Today the circuit machine is a staple in any fitness center and at we sell the best at 70% to 50% of retail prices. Life Fitness selectorized circuits are also very popular.

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