Top 5 Fitness Trends of 2016

 2016 is off to a fantastic start – many new gyms are opening and even more are upgrading their equipment and services. While this is amazing for the industry as a whole, individual gyms will have fiercer competition for their market share. To help you stay ahead of your competition we’ve compiled a list of what we believe will be the biggest and hottest selling trends of 2016

  1. Return to the basics – This year we’re expecting to see more and more folk simplifying their workouts, returning from intense circuits to the standard Olympic lifts, forgoing the complex biomechanically advanced equipment to engage in old school weight lifting. You can take advantage of this trend by offering a comprehensive free weight section, with a full complement of Olympic benches, squat racks, and dumbbells and barbells.
  2. Functional Training (still) – It’s no secret that one of the fastest growing sectors of the fitness community is the functional training group. Offering an open space where users can preform body weight exercises as well as cable cross machines, stretch trainers and Olympic platforms to preform compound lifts like power cleans will encourage the functional training set to continue to patronize your gym.
  3. Alternative Motion Cardio – Following in the footsteps of Precor, many manufactures are offering alternative motion cardio technology much like the Precor Adaptive Motion Trainer series. Offering the impact free exercise of the popular elliptical and cross trainer units, but with a stride that is much more akin to actually running, these popular units are popping up in more and more fitness centers and health clubs. Call us today to discuss adding a fleet of these cardio machines to your facility!
  4. Shifting Demographics – While gyms still preform extremely well in the 18-34 demographic, more and more baby boomers are needing to address their health. Numbering well over 100 million in population, this is a newly active demographic that you can’t afford not to engage! Offering solutions like health tracking for metrics like blood pressure, bone density and blood sugar and helping these folk manage their health you can engender your facilities to the single largest spending demographic in the market!
  5. Fitness Wearables – More and more people are outfitting themselves with some form of fitness tracking or another, be if the popular FitBit units or even just phone tracking. Engaging these people is as simple as providing them an avenue to share this information, be it contests, highlighting specific members for their accomplishments, or incentivizing your membership to post their results on social media. You can meaningfully engage and cultivate a community within your membership that will show that you are evolving with the times!
Fitness Wearables are everywhere! Don't forget to engage these users!

Fitness Wearables are everywhere! Don’t forget to engage these users!

We expect to see more and more from these trends in the coming year. By taking advantage of them you will position yourself and your facilities to take advantage of the STILL growing base of potential gym members.

If you find yourself struggling amidst the intense competition in the fitness industry, call us at 310 638 4800 to speak to one of our consultants who will be happy to discuss how to make your facilities more appealing to your membership! is the world’s largest provider of second-hand equipment and our 120,000 sqft remanufacturing factory is chocked to the gills with amazing quality, name brand fitness equipment! Call Us Today to discuss your fitness equipment needs!


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