Plyo Boxes

Plyo Boxes for Sale

Increasing one’s athletic ability is best achieved with the Plyo Boxes for sale that are made with metal, and foam. Gym members who want to take fitness to the next level and incorporate plyometric exercises into their program can utilize these boxes for the best results. Because they come in a variety of sizes, members can choose their exercise box based from their height and size and because they are compact, too, owners can save their center space while still providing the best training possible to their members.

Plyo Boxes

Plyo Boxes

Features of the Plyo Boxes For Sale:

These refurbished Plyo Boxes for sale are made of sturdy metal platform designed to give power lower body training, such as repetitive jumping and are commonly used for developing a specific sports skill. They are helpful to athletes who are into running, hurdling or leaping. New or advance users can benefit from the variety of workouts offered by these plyometric boxes.

Technical Specifications of the Plyo Boxes For Sale:

Each of the reconditioned Plyo Boxes for sale features a sturdy platform that can accommodate even the heaviest trainees and that can withstand intense workouts performed by athletes looking to develop a specific set of sports skills. They are made to last for years with their rugged square steel tubing with its top platform covered with a non-slip rubber surface and have a tapered design that can provide stability and easier stacking options for center owners.

Each of these reconditioned Plyo Boxes for sale is made of quality steel frame and tube, rubber top and tapered design. Because the steel used is a solid gauge one, each of them can withstand heavy abuse and use in any training facility that include rehabilitation centers, Cross fit camps, recreation centers and fitness facilities.

Exercises to Do with the Plyo Boxes For Sale:

All types of trainees are welcomed by the refurbished Plyo Boxes for sale because they can accommodate virtually all types of lower body exercises, including step-up, box squat, single leg box jump and box jump, among others. These used Plyo Boxes for sale can help strengthen a user’s leg, bones and joints, among other muscle groups. Finally, they can help improve an athlete‚Äôs speed, endurance and velocity in sports, such as running, hurdling and jumping.


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