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How Used Gym Equipment Helps Multi-Tenant Office Building Gyms

Once upon a time, corporate fitness centers were considered cutting-edge amenities reserved for only the highest-end office buildings and complexes. However, times have changed, and today’s office buildings are at a serious disadvantage if they don’t offer tenants access to an on-site gym. Not only do multi-tenant fitness centers contribute to healthier employees, but they also boost work-life balance and increase the odds of business tenants choosing your building over the competition.

Helping build multi-tenant fitness facilities since 1989, Used Gym Equipment offers state-of-the-art new and used machines at prices that won’t break the bank. Our goal is to create beautiful, branded exercise centers where your tenants will want to work out. Keep reading to discover how our gym consultants can help you create a corporate fitness center that’s truly extraordinary. 

Reasons to Build a Corporate Fitness Facility

As the owner of a multi-tenant office building, you may be wondering if a fitness facility will truly add value to your property. Below are some of the many reasons that commercial renters prefer to lease spaces in building that have gyms:

Draw Top Employees for Your Tenants

Whether or not they wind up using a corporate fitness center, employees are more attracted to companies offering these amenities. After all, office workers have busy schedules, and the idea of heading to an outside gym or fitness studio after hours can seem exhausting. By providing an on-site fitness facility, businesses give employees the chance to get their sweat on without even leaving the building.

Help Tenants Boost Employee Productivity

Companies often make the mistake of assuming that gyms and other amenities distract workers from the task at hand. However, the truth is that these facilities actually boost employee productivity. After all, employees who can visit a gym on site are less likely to leave early or take a long lunch so they can hit up that yoga class down the road. The end result is that workers spend more time at their desks.

Keep Workers Healthy and Strong

Healthy, active employees are less likely to take time off due to colds and flus. If you want to minimize the number of illnesses impacting your tenants, a fitness center is a great way to go. As a bonus, a multi-tenant fitness facility promotes a sense of community, encouraging all tenants to feel pride in their office space.

Used Gym Equipment Delivers Corporate Fitness Solutions

On any given day, multi-tenant office building owners have multiple responsibilities competing for their time. Understanding that your schedule is already packed, we provide comprehensive consulting services to help you remodel your existing gym or get a new corporate fitness facility up and running. Here are some of the many reasons landlords choose Used Gym Equipment over other gym machine suppliers:

Premium New and Used Gym Equipment

If you want prospective tenants to be wowed by your corporate fitness facility, you need to ensure your equipment is top of the line. Thanks to our strong relationships with brand-name manufacturers like Life Fitness, Star-Trac, and Precor, we can offer a wide range of new and pre-owned gym equipment. We operate a 35,000-square-foot remanufacturing facility to restore used machines to their former glory. Plus, our inside access to fitness center liquidations and manufacturer lease returns means you can secure great deals on cardio and strength machines. The money you save can be redirected into other areas of your office building.

Equipment Repair and Re-Branding

Broken or malfunctioning equipment doesn’t just deter gym users — it can also discourage prospective tenants from renting space in your building. Choose from our standard and extended warranty options or purchase a preventive maintenance plan to protect your investment for the long haul. Additionally, we provide custom remanufacturing for pre-owned fitness machines. Using personalized colors and embroidery, we’ll revamp your equipment to match the existing decor of your multi-tenant office facility.

Complete Consulting

From delivering and installing equipment to advising on flooring and layout, we offer complete consulting services for a wide array of fitness facilities. Trust us to help you build a new gym or remodel your current one to meet the needs of your tenants.

Financing Made Easy

Building a corporate fitness center doesn’t have to be a budget-busting proposition. At Used Gym Equipment, we provide a wide range of financing options for national and international customers. Call today to learn about buying, leasing, renting, or financing your new and expertly refurbished gym equipment. 

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