As the boutique fitness trend continues to grow, indoor cycle studios are emerging as a clear front-runner in the field. With well-known brands like SoulCycle leading the pack, an increasing number of indoor cycle studios are popping up across the country. Popular with fitness fanatics and casual exercises alike, these indoor cycle studios offer a fun, social atmosphere for members to get their sweat on while providing an exciting opportunity for entrepreneurs.

While it’s clear that there’s profit to be made in the world of exercise cycles, gym owners need to ensure that their studios meet customers’ expectations. Along with exceptional acoustics, the best facilities boast high-quality indoor training bikes and an appealing aesthetic. In business since 1989, Used Gym Equipment has 30 years of experience helping owners build and remodel high-end fitness centers. From providing affordable new and refurbished equipment to offer premium consulting, we’re a one-stop solution for gyms in the U.S. and overseas.


Indoor Cycle Studio Financing Made Easy

Whether you’re building a spin facility from the ground up or giving an existing one a much-needed remodel, UGE strives to protect your bottom line. With that in mind, we offer a range of options for buying, leasing, renting, and financing new and refurbished gym equipment. As a bonus, our team provides delivery and setup services to get your gym up and running faster.