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How Used Gym Equipment Helps HOAs

HOA fitness centers aren’t exactly a new trend. However, while these gyms once included a few dusty treadmills and a selection of dumbells, today’s most desirable condo complexes boast state-of-the-art cardio and strength equipment from brand-name suppliers. Moreover, modern home fitness centers offer spacious layouts where residents can practice yoga, work with trainers, and even socialize. 

Whether you’re looking to build a new condo fitness center or give your existing one a serious makeover, the team at Used Gym Equipment can help you achieve your goals. With more than three decades of industry experience, we have the knowledge and resources to help HOAs with a wide range of tasks from refurbishing equipment to advising on branding and layout. Call today to get your HOA fitness center up and running.

Why Create a Condo Fitness Center

Busy work and family schedules mean that an increasing number of people are opting to live in communities with HOAs. While this development is good news for condo complexes, HOAs need to work harder to attract affluent buyers. Here are some of the many benefits associated with building a top-notch fitness facility in your building or community:

Convenience Factor

After a long day at the office, it’s hard to work up the energy to head out to a health club or fitness studio. By featuring an on-site fitness facility, HOAs attract prospective buyers who want to get in shape but doubt their ability to get to an outside gym. This amenity is especially desirable to health-conscious millennials and Gen Zers looking to buy their first homes.


Adding a fitness center to your housing community doesn’t just help homeowners save a few bucks a month on a gym membership. It also adds value to the property as a whole. In particular, gyms are an essential addition for complexes that lack outdoor spaces like yards and walking trails.


Building a gym can add a much-needed sense of community to your condo complex. And who knows? As homeowners meet and interact in the on-site fitness center, they might even resolve some of those little disputes that tend to cause problems for HOAs.

How Used Gym Equipment Delivers Superior Guest Experiences

At Used Gym Equipment, we’ve been helping homeowners associations build beautiful, functional fitness facilities since 1989. Whether you need help sourcing affordable equipment, devising the ideal gym layout, or financing your new facility, trust our team to be in your corner. Here are just a few of the ways in which we help HOAs build and remodel premium gyms:

Wide Array of Condo Gym Equipment

HOA gym equipment should meet the needs of a broad array of users. After all, the average condo complex gym sees visitors of all ages from teens to seniors. Additionally, condo complexes need to ensure they have enough machines to accommodate the busiest times of day. At UGE, we supply our HOA clients with brand-name new and pre-owned equipment at affordable prices. Trust us to refurbish your machines using custom colors and embroidery to complement the existing decor.

On-Site HOA Gym Equipment Repairs

Residents don’t want a portion of their HOA fees going to a gym that’s old and broken down. At UGE, we offer timely on-site equipment repairs so your homeowners don’t miss a workout. Additionally, we provide both standard and extended warranty options and preventative maintenance programs to help HOAs safeguard their investment.

Knowledgeable Fitness Consultants

Dark and unattractive gyms don’t attract new residents. At Used Gym Equipment, our gym consultants have years of experience building desirable fitness centers from the ground up. From supplying equipment and flooring to offering advice on colors and layout, we help HOAs create gyms that are guaranteed to impress. Additionally, we provide technical support and detailed demonstration videos to help you operate your new purchases 24/7.

HOA Fitness Center Financing Made Easy

One of the benefits of partnering with Used Gym Equipment is that the HOA doesn’t have to take on the full cost of building a fitness facility. On the contrary, we offer several financing programs to help you buy, lease, rent, or finance your equipment. Invest the money you save on your gym purchases in other areas of your condo complex or save it for a rainy day.

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