Financing Used Gym Equipment

with our Lease to Own Programs

Used Gym Equipment Financing Options

At Used Gym Equipment, we know that capital is king when it comes to running a fitness business. Whether you are looking to expand your existing fitness center or start a new gym, Used Gym Equipment can help you with your health club financing needs.

Our fitness center consultants have experience with clients looking to finance as few as ten refurbished treadmills to those looking to lease and open a new gym.

Many banks don’t have the comfort or experience when dealing with used, remanufactured, refurbished or custom fitness equipment. However, over the years we have fostered longstanding relationships with those in the finance industry and have given them an understanding of our quality, process, aftercare and warranty. After visiting our factory, they have vetted Used Gym Equipment as a comparable solution to buying new gym equipment for the savvy gym owner looking to spend wisely.

We understand that fitness is not just your passion or lifestyle, it is your livelihood. Partner with Used Gym Equipment to navigate your gym financing or lease options to make the approval process as quick and seamless as possible.

Used Gym Equipment Leasing

Leasing fitness equipment allows you to deduct the payments from your income as a tax-deductible expense.

Used Gym Equipment partners with financial institutions that can structure lease programs to address cash flow issues. Lower seasonal payments or possibly no payments during those slow summer months will allow you a huge competitive advantage over your competitors that paid top dollar for all new gym equipment.

Deferred lease payments can also be a major benefit when opening a new gym. Our fitness equipment banking partners have been very successful at approving 4-6 months’ worth of deferred payments during a new gym opening.

A successful gym is always looking at ways to enhance the member experience. This can be achieved by strategically drip-feeding more gym equipment into your facility over time.

When going for the approval process your health club consultant at Used Gym Equipment will work with you and the bank to allow for an overage amount for you to tap into down the road.

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