Private Training Studios

How Used Gym Equipment Helps Private Training Studios

Private training studios are among the fastest-growing segments of the fitness industry. Along with showing up for private training, members frequent these locales for barre classes, cycling, yoga, pilates, and small group fitness training. Still, gym owners need to take the right steps to ensure their studios stand out from the crowd. 

Serving the fitness community since 1989, Used Gym Equipment has more than 30 years of experience outfitting and supporting studios both nationally and abroad. Whether you need help securing affordable machines or designing the ideal layout, our expert consultants will be in your corner. Keep reading to learn how Used Gym Equipment can support you in achieving your goals. 

Tips for Launching a Successful Fitness Center

Private training studios don’t have to be giant facilities featuring views of the city skyline. However, they do have to offer an atmosphere and equipment selection that invite members to come back for more. Here are some of Used Gym Equipment’s top tips for building a beloved private fitness center:

Offer Small Group Fitness Training

Health and fitness gym studios aren’t just for private training. On the contrary, owners should be sure to offer small group training. Along with providing a boost in income, small group fitness training allows members to bond and socialize. As a bonus, studies show that individuals who train with peers feel more motivated than those who exercise alone.

Focus on Layout

The best private studios aren’t just aesthetically pleasing. They also use the space to its best advantage, taking care to include plenty of room for strength and cardio equipment. Depending on the classes and activities you offer, you may need to fit mats, ballet barres, spin bikes, and TRX bands. Consider your goals ahead of time to ensure the studio design supports your plans for the future.

Don’t Ignore Branding

From the color of the paint on the wall to the type of lighting you select, all the elements of your studio should work together in harmony to create your desired mood. For example, your training studio may feature bright colors for a high-energy experience or tranquil shades for a more calming feel. Your members will appreciate the effort.

Build Your Health and Fitness Group With Used Gym Equipment

With private training studios seeming to pop up on every city corner, current and aspiring gym owners need to go above and beyond if they hope to succeed. From helping you secure the most state-of-the-art equipment to providing consulting and financing, Used Gym Equipment supports studios every step of the way. Here are just a few of the services we provide to our fitness clients:

New and Pre-Owned Gym Machines

Just because you’re operating a small private training studio rather than a large chain gym doesn’t mean you can afford to slack off when it comes to equipment. Boasting access to fitness center liquidations and manufacturer lease returns, we’re able to offer brand-name machines from Life Fitness, Star-Trac, Precor, and more at affordable prices. You can invest the money you save into other areas of your studio.

Custom Equipment Refurbishing

Used Gym Equipment knows that branding is an essential part of operating a gym. To that end, we custom refurbish equipment using our clients’ preferred colors and embroidery. The goal is to ensure all the myriad elements of your studio are working in harmony. Trust us to offer advice on everything from flooring to lighting as we help you build your business.

Premium Maintenance and Repair

We offer an array of warranty options and maintenance programs, so you can rest assured that your new and pre-owned equipment will function for the long haul. Our technical team services your cardio and strength machines on site, so you don’t have to worry about shipping delays. Additionally, we provide trusted support by phone and email.

Multiple Financing Options

Launching a gym involves a number of expenses from machinery to insurance. At Used Gym Equipment, we’re committed to helping small business owners achieve their goal of opening a fitness facility. To that end, we provide multiple options for buying, leasing, renting, and financing new and refurbished gym equipment.

Build a Better School Gym

Our unparalleled access to manufacturer lease returns and fitness center liquidations means we can score fitness equipment deals at better rates. Call us today and discover how you can secure a complete fitness package for half price.