Corporate Wellness Programs

How Used Gym Equipment Supports Corporate Wellness Programs

A corporate health program designed for everyone in mind

As industry leaders in the used gym equipment market, we have seen how both corporate wellness and corporate fitness programs have increasingly taken center stage at the workplace. The workforce is now overwhelmed with busy workdays, long commute times and outside stressors that can keep fitness from being a top priority.

However, with the help of our knowledgeable staff, we can get your company on its way to better health, increased camaraderie and greater retention of your valued employees with the addition of an onsite corporate gym and employee wellness program. Used Gym Equipment offers a full corporate wellness solution.

What is a corporate wellness program and what does it do?

Corporate wellness or workplace wellness programs are a health benefit offered by a company to its employees. This can include a fitness center, fitness coaching, goal oriented health challenges for staff and incentives for sticking to a workout plan. Corporate wellness often includes activities such as health education, medical screenings, weight management programs and on-site fitness programs or facilities.

A strategically designed and implemented Wellness Program will provide a new, healthy culture in which your employees become energized, enthusiastic and much, much healthier.

We provide a roadmap for wellness programs for corporations with our quality new and used gym equipment and our guidance in implementing a corporate fitness plan that works for your staff.

Benefits of Corporate Fitness Programs

  • Reduce Sick Days – Less disruption to ongoing projects leads to quicker and more effective work
  • Reduce Employee Injury – lower workers compensation costs
  • Reduce Spending on Insurance Premiums – Insurance companies reward corporations that invest in wellness programs
  • Reduce Stress – Cut the need for an extra obligation offsite and give employees a place to burn off steam
  • Increase Camaraderie – Encourage healthy interaction for employees outside of their normal obligations and settings
  • Increase Employee Retention & Satisfaction –Attract and retain talent based on workplace approval and engagement as well as better work / life balance
  • Increase Healthy Habits – Employees who train will have healthier eating and sleeping patterns
  • Increase Brand Recognition – Become known as an employer offering top benefits to a valued workforce
Corporate Wellness and Fitness Programs

How to Start a Corporate Wellness Program

As your gym equipment guides, we are here to help in various ways so that your wellness program benefits not only your employees but also your company. Our corporate clients recognize this and have entrusted us with their workplace health clubs.


Offering an onsite gym is an attractive goal for any business to provide to their staff, but it has to work within the company’s fiscal framework. Although we only sell commercial grade quality fitness equipment, we have packages that include strength and cardio machines along with accessories that are suited to budgets modest or grand.


At Used Gym Equipment, we are here to listen to your goals in designing a corporate fitness center and give you valuable feedback. Whether you are working with a large footprint or a small space for your gym, we can help you designate areas for cardio, strength, free weights, stretching and group exercise. We can keep your design simple or work to create brand awareness with customizable colors and embroidery on your gym equipment. We provide gym flooring, accessories and lockers to round out an exciting experience for your workforce.


Preserving capital is important as a business. In addition to providing cost savings with our new and used gym equipment, we offer financing through the relationships with banks that we have cultivated through the years. Click here to learn more about how we can help you secure the funds to begin operating an onsite corporate fitness center.


A corporate wellness plan involves more than simply the quality gym equipment we provide. We can also work with you to incentivize employees to make use of the fitness space with friendly corporate challenges, insurance incentives and reward programs.

Service and Warranty

Our service doesn’t stop once we deliver the gym equipment to your corporate fitness center. We offer a standard warranty as well as extended warranty programs. We also have ongoing preventative maintenance packages to keep your equipment looking and working like new. We take the project of running a gym off your hands so you can focus on your core business without any distractions or headaches.

Multiple Financing Options

Don’t let funding issues prevent you from realizing your dream of gym ownership. At Used Gym Equipment, we offer multiple financing plans to support you in buying, leasing, renting, or financing new and pre-owned gym equipment. Call today to see how you can save up to half on the cost of a boutique fitness package.

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