Ask These 11 Questions Before You Buy Equipment For Your New Facility!

Ask These 11 Questions Before You Buy Equipment For Your New Facility!

Due Diligence!

Due Diligence!

Whether you’re opening your first private personal trainer center or your fiftieth fitness mega-center, you’re undertaking a monumental task. From business plans and investor meetings to the nitty gritty of balancing the books there are a million facets that you need to oversee. To that end it is imperative to make absolutely sure that those you choose to do business with are dedicated to your cause.

Choosing the right company to help you realize your dream of opening up a new gym or second facility can majorly impact its future success. Below are a few questions to assist you in the process of selecting an equipment vendor. 


1. How many years has the company been in business?

Look for companies who have been around for 10 -20 years; the equipment you’re looking to invest in can last that long, so you want a company with a proven business model that will be there to support you for years to come. Watch out for companies that pop up overnight with slick websites and big promises – they come and go quickly.


2. How quickly can you speak with an actual person?

With today’s technology, someone sitting in their apartment can easily have 20 mailbox extensions and/or websites. Look for a company with an actual receptionist to help direct your call. Companies that only allow you to leave a voicemail maybe hiding how small they actually are and even worse, never allow you to speak with a real person if a problem should arise.


3. Are they a broker or do they actually own the equipment they are quoting you?

Beware of brokers who use photos of other company’s warehouses and inventory. Sales representatives of the actual company will always have first priority to inventory. The products you are being quoted may have already been sold and your order may not be available to be filled on time or ever.


4. What is their main business?

Some companies who repair or install fitness equipment have also tried to provide used/refurbished gym equipment on the side. Beware of companies who are not 100% dedicate to suppling you with the best remanufactured machines available…… they may be continually shifting resources and delaying your order or even have uncertified staff working on it.


UGE has the LARGEST Inventory!

UGE has the LARGEST Inventory!

5. How large is their inventory?

Today’s gym owners have more choices of cardio and strength equipment than any time in history. Look for companies who have a large diverse in-stock inventory of the top name brands. Smaller companies will always try to sell you the limited brands and models they only have available which overall may hinder you in attracting and retaining members.


6. How experienced and specialized is their staff in helping you put together the perfect package?

Today’s gyms are the most diverse facilities from full-service to boutique and functional group training. The top companies not only attract and retain the most experienced account managers, they’re also large enough to have specialists with detailed experience in different market segments, regions and demographics to assist you in creating the perfect gym.


7. Do they Remanufacture their machines in an assembly line like the original manufacturer?

Henry Ford’s assembly line not only increased efficiency, it produced a more reliable product than companies building machines one at a time. Look for a company that uses an assembly line remanufacturing process. Their products will typically be more consistent (especially paint colors) and be more reliable over the life of the product.


8. Do they offer custom colors or “branded” equipment?

If you want to stand out or be memorable, custom frame colors (especially on strength machines), is the easiest way. Look for a company who can offer this. This is also a great way to see if a company truly rebuilds each machine from the frame. Companies that typically do not offer this service are also not powder coating fames.


9. How do you know the equipment you’re being quoted is the same generation you’re looking for?

Just like Mercedes Benz, the top fitness manufacturers like Life Fitness and Precor have used the same models for different generations of the same products. Look for a company who can provide you a quote that has photos of the products generation. This way you will not be sold cheaper older products or be surprised when your order arrives.


UsedGymEquipment's 120,000 sq. ft. Factory

UsedGymEquipment’s 120,000 sq. ft. Factory

10. Do they invite you to tour their location?

Companies who have nothing to hide will always invite you to visit their location. If you’re able to, visit the company, meet the staff, view the remanufacturing process and inspect finished products.


11. Is the company a member of any fitness industry organizations?

Does the company belong to the leading national organizations such as IHRSA and/or even regional organizations like CCD?  Companies that hold memberships to such industry organizations typically demonstrate the professionalism, commitment and uphold the highest standards these organizations require.


Ask these questions about any company you want to do business with, and it will surely help weed out the pretenders! Any company worth their salt will bend over backwards to help you achieve your goals, but it is also YOUR job to do your due diligence and see if said company is up to the task of meeting your goals. UsedGymEquipment is 100% dedicated to providing our clients with complete gym solutions, from start to finish.

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