Garage Gym Equipment

Garage Gym Packages for any size home

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Experience Commercial Gym Equipment In Your Home

Bring the full experience of a commercial gym into your home or garage. Used Gym Equipment partners with the top manufactures to bring you cutting edge fitness equipment at an affordable price.

Basic lift garage gym package

Basic Lift Garage Gym Package

The Basic Lift Garage Gym Package has everything you need to maintain your strength training workouts while at home.

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Ultimate Garage Gym Package

Our Ultimate Garage Gym Package is just that, it has everything you need for your full home workout experience, who needs to leave the house?

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Ultimate garage gym package
Beast garage gym package

Beast Garage Gym Package

You have been a beast in the gym, now you can be a beast in your garage with the addition of a full functional training workout with this Beast Garage Gym Package.

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Continue Your Fitness Journey At Home

We understand how important it is to maintain your workout routine during these uncertain times. With everything you need for a full body workout, our garage gym packages will allow you continue your fitness journey while at home.

Upper Body Workouts

All of our garage gym packages allow for a complete upper body workout all in the comforts of your garage.

Lower Body Workouts

Give your legs a complete lower body workout with our Squat Garage Gym Package.

Full Body Workouts

Get a full body workout while staying safe, with the Beast and Ultimate garage gym packages.

Safe At Home Workouts

Maintain your workout routine during these uncertain times while staying safe at home.