Cybex Abdominal

Cybex Abdominal For Sale

Packed with superior features and created with an outstanding design, Cybex selectorized machines are worth the investment of owners looking to furnish a training center, recreation center, university sports facility and rehabilitation center with quality but affordable training units. A Cybex Abdominal for sale is beyond the best in training the abdominal muscles for its selectorized technology that simulates real muscle movements for providing excellent results and user ease.

Cybex Abdominal

Cybex Abdominal

Features of the Cybex Abdominal For Sale:

A used Cybex Abdominal for sale is part of the Classic Series and comes with a selectorized weight stack functioning through a cable and pulley system. It features a fixed lower back and seat pad as well as a set of lower leg and chest pads for maximum comfort.

A reconditioned Cybex Abdominal for sale has a non-skid and adjustable front footplate and convenient foot straps. It also comes with padded rear foot stabilizers for giving extended hip exercise, a half moon chest pad for added comfort and a counterbalance lever arm for extra support.

It comes with a graphic placard for showing the muscle groups involved in the workout and the unit’s basic functions and operations and a compact and solid footprint for saving space and enhancing unit integrity.

Technical Specifications of the Cybex Abdominal For Sale:

This refurbished Cybex Abdominal for sale comes complete with accessories and attachments, including weight stack, structural frame, cushioning, hardware, upholstery and footplates, among others.  A used Cybex Abdominal for sale weighs 395 pounds, measures 35 x 43 x 67 inches and has a 187.5-pound weight stack.

Exercises to Do with the Cybex Abdominal For Sale:

Abdominal routines performed in the refurbished Cybex Abdominal for sale target the full core muscles and the abdominals in isolation strength training that is ideal even for beginners looking to develop, to shape and to strengthen the entire core muscles. For optimum performance, users are advised to start with a lower weight within his ability.

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