Cybex Legacy 750T Treadmills

Cybex Legacy 750T Treadmills For Sale

The Cybex 750T treadmill provides a masterly and dynamic workout for members while club owners benefit from the dependable performance. The Cybex 750T sets the gold standard for treadmills and is what all other treadmills will be judged and measured by. Ingenious display and suspension technologies join forces with a High Performance AC drive to provide the user with an incomparable physical experience.

Cybex Legacy 750T Treadmills

Cybex Legacy 750T Treadmills

Mighty and able-bodied, the Cybex 750T makes even the most demanding user happy. An impressive 6 HP brushless AC motor makes the 750T treadmill a mighty machine that can stand any test a harsh commercial environment throws at it. This treadmill can accomodate users up to 400lbs (182kg) with a range of up to 15.6mph for the most serious runners.


Built intuitively to avoid jarring and irritating the back, the deck of the 750T is cushioned at the landing, firm in the middle and uncomprimising at the toe-off to precisely mimic the mechanical needs of a runner. To lessen the shock, only Cybex uses a cutting-edge technology elastomer – the IS3 Intelligent Suspension Sysyem, which is far superior to the “trampoline” effect used by competitiors that often times leads to injury.


The details are what really set this treadmill apart from all the others. A built-in fan which keeps you cool and able to work out longer is standard. The digital display allows ease of of instructuin and feedback while the ten key keypad gets you going way faster than the others. The hidden power cord shows only the small bit needed to reach the outlet for maximum aesthetics. The elective Personal Entertainment Monitor offers iPod compatibility and automatically powers off to conserve energy and prolong monitor life. All these details and many more make the 750T and exceptional, second to none treadmill.


Not to be forgotten is the larger running area with a smaller footprint. The 750T provides a generous 62″ x 22″ running area with a modest overall area of 80″ x 34″ giving it a smaller footprint with a larger running space than any of the competition. A favorite of club owners, the 750T allows users to feel like they’re running on a large surface while actually providing more space in the club for more machines.

Product Number 751T

Speed Range 0.5 – 15.6 mph 0.8 – 25 kph

Elevation Range -3% – 15%

Dimensions (L x W) 80 x 34 in 203 x 86 cm

Running Area (L x W) 62 x 22 in 157 x 55 cm

Max User Weight 400 lbs (182 kg)


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