Cybex VR2 Circuit

Cybex VR2 Circuit For Sale

If you’re planning to open your next gymnasium soon, hopefully by going through this, you’ll see the need of buying the refurbished Cybex VR2 Circuit. In fact, it’s one of the favorite cybex circuits’ machines for all players.  Its complete set of structures entails: Dual Axis Chest Press Dual Axis Overhead Press, Torso Rotation, arm Extension, AB Crunch, Leg Extension, Back Extension, Seated Leg Press, Leg Extension and the 100 degrees Lateral raise.

Cybex VR2 Circuit

Cybex VR2 Circuit

These machines are known for strength by their scientific engineered produce for faster fitness results. They are innovatively designed by the Leg Extensions that makes placing the tibia pad intuitive, practically effortless, and results in readily accessible and easily adjustable machines with no lock. To start, put legs behind the pad and push.

A refurbished Cybex Circuit will offset the arm to allow the tibia pad to move without putting any strain to the starting angle of the knee. If well combined with proper pivot location, it allows the optimal use of a flat pad that reduces shin pressure. The seat and the back  are accurately constructed with an angled pad of 100 degrees in between .This makes it wider than most leg extension machine, as a result, its design relieves hamstring tension.

The optional adjustable start system fits various individuals with different range of motion, making the Cybex VR2 Circuit friendlier to a wider audience. The Overhead Press provides an inclusive fitness with its swing away seat with locking plunger allow ready access for wheelchair users plus one-handed seat adjustment for users with limited movement.

The Cybex VR2 Circuit is made to deliver. Remember they are the commercial strength lines that fights with the best available in the market. No matter that they are used Cybex VR2 Circuit is engineered to take the tough punishment of heavy-duty commercial environment requires and, therefore, works for both the highly supervised gyms, as well as the self-service facility.

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