FreeMotion Epic Chest

FreeMotion Epic Chest For Sale

One of the best-selling training systems of FreeMotion, the used FreeMotion Epic Chest for sale works by isolating the chest muscles for helping improve strength, either for sports or function activities involving pushing movements. At the Used Gym Equipment, we make it even better because the used version you can get from us is ensured of top quality, being us one of the top sellers of reconditioned machines in the industry.

This remanufactured FreeMotion Epic Chest for sale helps in moving the arms in a converging pattern that offers natural movement, while increasing muscle concentration delivering effective results. It comes with independent movement arms for allowing the use of only one or both limbs, highly adaptable for single- or dual-arm movements and includes extended handles for fitting a wide range of user sizes. In addition to its amazing features is that this reconditioned FreeMotion Epic Chest for sale has adjustable seat to suit every user size there is and comes with heavy-duty cable rated at 4,200-pound minimum tensile strength.

This refurbished FreeMotion Epic Chest for sale measures 43 x 60 x 73 inches, weighs 644 pounds and holds a user of up to 350 pounds. It is made with high grade and durable components, including but are not limited to floor guards, unilateral arms, extended handles, padded seat and back support, industry-standard and strength cable and pulley system, enclosed weight stack and increment system, two-process powder coat finishing, graphic exercise placards, gas-assisted seat adjustments, oversized handles and roller bearings, among others.

To become more accommodating, FreeMotion designed this machine with an adjustable weight stack and increment system to handle varied user muscle ability and fitness goals. It comes with an adjustable 395-pound weight stack, along with a five-pound drop down increment load for delivering optimal versatility in every chest workout. And to protect your center flooring from scratch, the refurbished FreeMotion Epic Chest for sale comes with rubber floor protectors, which also function to keep it in place even during heavy workouts.

If you’re looking to add several units into your collection for your fitness facility or home training room, this reconditioned FreeMotion Epic Chest for sale may be ideal because it comes with a solid, compact footprint that does not take up much space and has a modern and sleek appearance that compliments any existing furnishing you have. And because it is remanufactured by UGE, you can be assured of quality and performance, as we do every step in the remanufacturing process right. We’ve been around for more than 20 years and up to now are providing only top of the line and dependable training units to our customers in the US and in rest of the world.

Our 120,000 square feet of facility ensures that there is a specific department to handle and oversee every stage in reconditioning in which some include acquisition of the units from reputable gyms and dealers, inspection of electrical and mechanical parts, repair/replacement of wear parts, sandblasting and finishing and then staging to the final testing before display. With us, you’re sure that every remanufactured FreeMotion Epic Chest for sale you get from us is long-lasting because we recondition it to work like new.  For all your gym needs, don’t think twice getting in touch with us.

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