Hammer Strength Seated Dip

Hammer Strength Seated Dip For Sale

The Hammer Strength Seated Dip allows users to choose to either face in or face out and provides a superb exercise as that in traditional weightlifting. It also promotes an excellent functional training because it allows users to exit a seated position conveniently as well as it has an extra seat belt for workout stability.

PL-HS-SD-ProdThumbFeatures of the Hammer Strength Seated Dip:

A used Hammer Strength Seated Dip that was conceptualized using topnotch Computer Aided Design software was a result of years and years of collaboration with the best athletes and coaches in the world.

Built with a superior design, this refurbished Hammer Strength Seated Dip can lead towards the best workout performance for all users.  In addition, the Hammer Strength, maker of this reconditioned Hammer Strength Seated Dip, has perfected combining user convenience and ease with high technology and coming up with the best plate-loaded machine to replicate real life movements with its perfect design for correct motion paths on or off the field.

Hammer Strength Circuits comes with four (4) standard weight horns, four pounds of starting resistance and an 11-gauge steel frame for enhanced structural integrity.

Technical Specifications of the Hammer Strength Seated Dip:

A Hammer Strength comes with an overall unit weight of 285 pounds or 130 kilograms and with an overall dimension of 67 x 38 x 42 inches. It also includes weight stack guides, weight plates, pulleys, springs and belts, among others.

Exercises to Do with the Hammer Strength Seated Dip:

A Hammer Strength Seated Dip for sale is for users looking for alternatives to do bodyweight dips to work out their chest, shoulders and triceps with a strength training gym equipment. Even if it works in a fixed motion range, it allows a multi-joint movement that allows muscle recruitment by using more weights.

Because it provides a multi-joint or compound movement, users are advised to do seated dips when they are at their strongest, preferably for their first or second routine. Go and furnish your recreation and sport center, rehabilitation facility or university athlete center with a reconditioned Hammer Strength Seated Dip to build your brand and to increase your profits.

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