Hotel Package #3

Hotel Package #3

Little do some hotel owners realize that many guests, no matter where they are from and whatever their fitness level is, appreciate not only the finest amenities, facilities, decor and food in their place, but also fitness features. Before booking for an accommodation, some travelers check into a hotel’s fitness club availability. And yours without, you can be automatically eliminated from their choices. This is not good for business, and you know that. Now if you want to change the situation, you may want to build a gym with the Hotel Package #3 for sale that we offer here at UGE. Our company is the gym source for top of the line, durable used fitness equipment our clientele appreciates about us. Read further to see what this hotel gym package has in store for you.

UGE’s Hotel Package #3 for sale comes with modern looking and commercial grade machines ready for tough use and up for providing safety to every user, and some of the training units in this hotel exercise package are the Life Fitness 9500 Next Generation treadmill, 9500 Next Generation recumbent bike and 9500 Next Generation cross trainer. To complete your guests exercise regimen, this hotel package inclues the 8-piece Precor Icarian circuit composed of the leg curl, leg extension, bicep, shoulder press, back ,tricep, chest press and abdominal. If you want to offer your guests not only with safe training machines to use but also help them achieve optimal training results, then this Hotel Package #3 for sale may be really the one to buy. Reconditioned cardio in this package offers them smooth and natural movements, while giving them intense workouts, especially when high speed and resistance is used.

Now for those looking to build and tone muscle form and appearance, they can work specific groups using a select unit in this Hotel Package #3 for sale but of course, they can make use of the entire line up of machines for complete circuit training, if they desire so. Even if they are working out for sports or for function, these strength units are highly effective because they possess correct human biomechanics enabling them to deliver optimal training results to all types of users looking to improve appearance or simply burn calories after eating so much delicious food served in your hotel.

And because you will get the Hotel Package #3 for sale from UGE, you are assured of top quality because all the remanufactured gym equipment we offer is proven durable and best in performance. What we really do is that we do every stage of the remanufacturing process, which is composed of mechanical, electrical and aesthetics right. In this case, all the training units we ship to our customers here and abroad are guaranteed to look and to function like new, including their motor, bearings, electrical parts and upholstery, among others.  We pass this value to you because UGE believe your success is our success, too, and that your satisfaction is paramount.

For inquiries and concerns about the Hotel Package #3 for sale as well as other gym supplies, including aerobic flooring, sports flooring, mats, dojo flooring, weight plates and barbell handles, among other products we sell, feel free to get in touch with UGE anytime and our representative will contact you within one business day.

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Hotel Package 3

Hotel Package 3

Hotel Package #3

Cardio Equipment

1 x Life Fitness 9500 Next Generation Treadmill

1 x Life Fitness 9500 Next Generation Crosstrainer

2 x Life Fitness 9500 Next Generation Recumbent Bike

Strength Equipment

Precor Icarian 8 piece Circuit

Chest Press
Shoulder Press
Leg Extension
Leg Curl

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