Jacobs Ladder

Jacobs Ladder For Sale

One of the most dependable cardio machines on the market is the Jacobs Ladder for sale an exercise tool used by fitness seekers for achieving an efficient workout they need for body conditioning in preparation for a sports competition or improving overall function. It comes with a patented climber that is used for the low impact cardio workout. Definitely, every commercial or residential gym deserves a strong and effective workout machine for cardio, such as this refurbished Jacobs Ladder for sale.

Jacobs Ladder

Jacobs Ladder

Features of the Jacobs Ladder For Sale:

The reconditioned Jacobs Ladder for sale is a well-respected cardio machine in the business because it delivers excellent results to those serious in body and cardio conditioning in preparation for a sports event or in improvement of function. It comes with a patented climber that does not require a motor, so the higher that the user goes is the faster that this unit goes, too.

A used Jacobs Ladder for sale offers a natural motion path for that superb muscle motion path and has ladder-type rungs for that self-paced workout. People of sports, such as football and basketball and of the army and military can get a total body and cardio conditioning with this unit that offers them a complete heart, lower and upper body workout.

Technical Specifications of the Jacobs Ladder For Sale:

A refurbished Jacobs Ladder for sale is made with an ABS/polyethylene case, welded tubular steel frame and display console for reading calorie burn, heart rate, elapsed time and feet climbed. It also comes with solid maple rungs for an improved structural integrity. One measures 31.25 x 76 x 65.5 inches (WLH) and weighs 325 pounds.

Exercises to Do with the Jacobs Ladder For Sale:

All fitness levels are welcomed to use this Jacobs Ladder for sale because it allows users to train based on their pace and speed without compromising the quality of results. For users who are into conditioning for sports and function can look forward a low impact but superior training results with the reconditioned Jacobs Ladder for sale.

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