Life Fitness 95Ti Treadmills

Life Fitness 95Ti Treadmills For Sale

When you enter the Used Gym Equipment factory and make your way back to where the treadmills are remanufactured, the first thing that catches your eye is the long row of Life Fitness 95Ti treadmills being reassembled and boxed, to be sent to our clients all over the world. Life Fitness 95Ti Treadmills are a very popular machine.

The lustrous silver-platinum powder-coat finish is sure to wow your clients. As you step onto the running deck, you notice the wide, stable running surface, the sleek, sturdy handlebars, and the sophisticated design of the control center at the fore of the treadmill.


Life Fitness 95Ti

Life Fitness 95Ti

Thanks to these state-of-the-art features, the Life Fitness 95Ti is our best-selling treadmill, popular with loyal customers the all over the world over. The durable hardware on this ‘BEAST’ of a running machine ensures that it will get the job done in any gym.

When our clients ask for the best recommendation from our sales team, the response always includes the 95Ti. Our only complaint is that it’s hard for us to fill the huge demand from our customers. We have a full time team that searches the United States to find this model and get it to you.

Once you place this beauty inside your business, you will be proud to show it to your members, guests, and staff. Nobody will have any complaints. Your personal trainers will thank you for buying the best. Your accounting department will applaud your fine business sense when you lower your operating expenses while still providing the best machine for the job at hand. And most importantly, your customers will have an outstanding workout experience.


We can’t applaud this remanufactured Life Fitness 95Ti treadmill enough. You will never be disappointed buying it, especially when you see the huge savings you get for like-new equipment. You can be assured of a dependable purchase when you add this model treadmill to your remanufactured gym equipment order.

The Life Fitness 95Ti treadmill: Buy it today and your customers will come running.


High-quality FlexDeck™ shock absorbing running deck, which provides a softer running surface, prevents potential knee injuries, and allows for a more comfortable workout experience.

Running-speed range from a low of 0.5 miles per hour to a maximum of 12 miles per hour (0.8 –20 kilometers per hour); 0 –15% hill-climb.

Professional, heavy-duty four horsepower alternating current (AC) motor.

State-of-the-art operating console, which monitors contact heart rate with sleek Lifepulse™ hand sensors and wireless heart rate with Polar® technology.

28 different fitness training programs, with 5 ZoneTraining+™ workouts, including PRT/PFT training, Gerkin and Fitness Test protocols.

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