Life Fitness S9i Steppers

Life Fitness S9i Steppers For Sale

Work out your lower body with a simple and effective Life Fitness S9i Stepper that offers up to a sum of 18 motivating programs. These programs give you thorough cardiovascular (heart rate exercises) as well as help you work lower body muscles like glutes, calves, thighs and squads.  The set comes with polar heart rate monitor strap that allows you watch the rate of your heartbeat as you exercise. In case you are exercising with a specific heart rate target in mind, you got it; this machine has five programs specifically meant for heart rate control. It is modeled to ensure you perform your routines in the most natural way possible. This is achieved by an inclined IsoTrack system linear slide mechanism such that it mimics the real climbing like that of stairs.

Life Fitness S9i Stepper

Life Fitness S9i Stepper

The Life Fitness S9i Stepper makes your training session not much of a task. The 20 different levels of resistance make the Life Fitness S9i Stepper a universal set for a wide range of users; from beginners to the most professional fitness gurus. The system is composed of a super smooth long lasting belt-drive that gives your lower body muscles a less exhausting independent stepping motion. This means less friction and shock in your joints during workout.

The console to the reconditioned Life Fitness S9i Stepper is simple and effectual. This outstanding lower body set allows the user to make adjustments throughout a routine with less effort. The handlebars are durable and ergonomically modeled to give you support as well as to help you maintain an upright posture throughout the routine. Important to note is the biomechanically correct motion design in the used Life Fitness S9i Stepper. This new technology makes using the stepper less exhaustive machine.

Work your lower body muscles to their best with this stepper. You will more than love it!

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