Precor 966i Treadmills With Metal Handrails

Precor 966i Treadmills For Sale

The Precor 966i Treadmill is a slightly older model, favored by gym dealers and owners across the globe. But don’t let the age fool you. With patented Precor Foot Plan Technology, this treadmills provides a smooth, even workout dynamic to rival the best of today’s machines.

Precor’s basic philosophy in designing any workout machine — and particularly the Precor treadmill — is usability. Every refurbished Precor 966i Treadmill we sell is usable and restored to perfect working condition. And that means a lot, coming from us and Precor.


Precor c966i Treadmills

Precor c966i Treadmills

Let’s start with the Ground Effects Impact Control System. Basically, it’s a Precor technology, which allows for increased stability and cushioning while running. This helps to reduce impact and provide a smooth, easy workout. It can also mean less maintenance on the used treadmill.


There’s also the aforementioned Integrated Foot Plan Technology. This is one of Precor’s most popular technologies, found in all their treadmills. Essentially, what it does is adjust the treadmill’s belt speed up to a blistering 100 times per second — per second! That means the used Precor c966i Treadmills for sale here at are able to dynamically adjust to any given changes in running speed or rhythm. You clients are sure to get a great run of out these machines.


Another very popular feature is the integrated heart-rate monitoring on this Precor treadmill. Instead of having to pay for expensive heart-rate monitoring devices, the c966i puts it right into the machine. All you have to do is place your hands on the monitoring strips, and the treadmill will tell you your heart rate.

That means your clientele will be able to tell if they’re getting the right workout or not. And that means, they’re more likely to come back and be happy customers!


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