Technogym Excite 700 Bikes

Technogym Excite 700 Bikes For Sale

Our TechnoGym Excite 700 Bikes are gathered from across the U.S., reassembled, powder coated, and packaged neatly to be delivered to our ardent clients. In fact, TechnoGym Excite machines are one of our most popular items. There are several reasons why TehnoGym Excite 700 Bike is popular among the fitness-conscious gym customers.

TechnoGym Excite 700 Bikes

TechnoGym Excite 700 Bikes


They offer many features such as Fast Track Control mechanism with a visual aid, soft elbow support in the handlebars, easily-adjustable pedal straps, integrated adjustment system under the seat, and the availability of a plug and play system. It provides 23 programs, supports 13 languages, and offers fitness tests at 25 various resistance levels. All of this displayed on a bright, vibrant touchscreen sporting the most advanced in fitness technology. It wouldn’t be TechnoGym if it wasn’t the best of all reconditioned exercise bikes for sale.

The hand sensors in the TechnoGym Excite 700 Bikes allow for an interactive function for heart rate while the user is working out. The Heart Rate Monitoring module features double hand sensors and telemetry. Visual display for Customer Goal Orientation and availability of Calorie Coach are other exciting features of the Excite 700 Bikes. The power requirements¬† are 100-240 VAC and 50/60 Hz. The consumption of energy is around 50 VA. That’s very low for a bike with this much technology in it, so you will save on electricity costs.

The maximum weight it can handle is as high as 397 Kgs. The common size of the TechnoGym 700 Bike is 1185 mm (length) * 1338 mm (height) * 600 mm (width) and weighs 61 Kgs. The seat height adjustment helps step up at the rate of 12.5 mm.

With such great features, the TechnoGym Excite 700 Bikes can add beauty and charm to your health club or gym! If you can turn visitors into regulars at your gym, then this is the way to go. Buy the TechnoGym Excite 700 Bikes and charm your clients!

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