Technogym Leg Extension

Technogym Leg Extension For Sale

Designed and built with superior technology and user convenience in mind, the Technogym Leg Extension for sale is the ultimate machine for leg extensions to provide a controllable and safe workout for all types of users. Made to deliver, this TechnoGym product is the leg extension unit to perform and provide consistent training results each time.

TechnoGym Leg Extension

TechnoGym Leg Extension

Features of the Technogym Leg Extension For Sale:

Ergonomic in design, a used Technogym Leg Extension for sale is made with an ideal alignment support for proper knee positioning and a shaped support for the knee for minimizing pressure on that section. In addition, this reconditioned Technogym Leg Extension for sale comes with an adjustable seat for correct positioning, adjustable lever for choosing proper starting angle, a well-designed cam for ensuring maximum load curve, a contoured seat and backrest for workout comfort and an easy to adjust shin pad for maximum support.

With the highly accessible design and adjustable seat height of the refurbished Technogym Leg Extension for sale, seniors, rehab patients or deconditioned trainees can train the leg muscles conveniently and safely without any hassles.

Technical Specifications of the Technogym Leg Extension For Sale:

A used Technogym Leg Extension for sale measures 58 x 41 x 51 (HWL) inches and has a 190-pound standard stack and a 250-pound heavy stack. Modern in design and sleek in appearance, it fits any center design and space with its compact and small footprint. It also includes heavy-duty components, including weight stack, laser-cut cam, transmission belt, stack guides, visible markers, rubber feet, integral bearings and padded backrest and seat. For improved integrity, it is made with a fully welded and solid structural steel frame and bent-steel tubing.

Exercises to Do with the Technogym Leg Extension For Sale:

A used Technogym Leg Extension for sale works the quadriceps and accommodates all user levels. Training with it is advised to users whose goals is/are to specific train the front of the thigh, prevent or treat knee muscle and joint problems and/or to improve functionality and tone of the leg muscles.

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