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Sale on Used Commercial Gym Equipment

For over 20 years serving customers in over 100 countries in the world, The Used Gym Equipment Company remains the top choice among gym owners in terms of offering them with the widest range of affordable, durable and quality fitness systems, gym accessories and free weights for sale, among other fitness supplies you can think of.

Gym Equipment Sale

Gym Equipment Sale

With corporate philosophy revolving around quality, value, service and responsibility, The Used Gym Equipment Company is the one-stop and reliable partner in furnishing health clubs, apartments, hotels, corporate wellness, fire departments, air force, military, country clubs, schools and residential fitness rooms with high quality remanufactured gym machines. Customers from startups to well-established business owners rely on us for our commitment in helping them succeed by supplying them with remanufactured fitness systems!

Quality begins with smart acquisition, and by saying that means we carefully select used gym systems to buy from well-respected dealers, fitness center owners and sellers worldwide and that we don’t buy wrecked and cheap systems. From then, we remanufacture acquired products in our massive 120,000 sq. ft. facility where used training systems are reconstructed like NEW. Before we offer them up for sale, they were inspected for perfection from the bearings to the paint to the motor and up to all the components—each of them was checked with parts replaced or repaired when needed. One thing is sure though, all plate-loaded, selectorized and cardio equipment, among others, are each sandblasted and coated with powder paint for a fresh, new appearance, after each is carefully remanufactured, including parts repaired or replaced to bring them back as new.

At, you can find all sorts of cardio trainers ranging from group cycling bikes, cross trainers, treadmills, steppers and climbers, specialty, exercise bikes and all cardio machines.  We also present you a wide range of strength training systems, including circuits, selectorized, free weights, benches and racks, multi stations, plate-loaded, gym accessories and all strength.  Of course, your center would not be complete without functional trainers, multi-gyms, multi stations and jungle gyms. We also sell gym flooring, including mats, free weight tools, such as weight plate tree, dumbbells, barbells, racks and attachments. In short, we can have everything covered for your gym, whether you are planning to add more of these products in your established center or to furnish a newly built training facility!

You may be asking, “Why should I buy used gym machines?” The answer is plain and simple. There are more benefits than one in buying our perfectly remanufactured or reconditioned gym systems than getting them new. For one, we offer all the best brands in the world, including Cybex, Precor, Life Fitness, Hammer Strength, FreeMotion, Star Trac, TechnoGym and Nautilus—they are some of the biggest names in the fitness system manufacturing industry in the world. All of them are known world class and are reputable for their commitment to innovation, user ease and quality.

What makes their plate-loaded or selectorized machines unique? They were all designed, engineered and constructed using excellent parts and components, strategically and intelligently positioned in the right places! More so, these brands have incorporated human biomechanics into their machines, so each of them can actually mimic real muscle movement, allowing it to move as it does in real life. Therefore, effective and stress-free workouts are best achieved by your members if you are buying used gym equipment for sale for your facility.

In terms of free weights, we offer you a wide selection of branded products to select from, and some of them include chest press bench, incline bench or flat bench and racks, weight plate holders and machine attachments. If you are up to offering variety to your members and avoid losing them to train in your competitor center, then you might also be interested to furnishing your center with free weights aside from plate-loaded and selectorized systems we offer.

Our market is composed of a diverse set of customers, including corporate wellness, residential, Olympic training centers, government/fire/police departments, military, university athlete centers and residential fitness rooms, as we recognize that each of them has their specific needs and demands. We can offer circuits, packages and systems customizable based on their budget and needs. Our company also offers financing to our customers who need help to start easily and quickly with leasing and other methods available at affordable and manageable terms.

On this page, feel free to browse in stock specials and get the best deals on the market. When you buy from us, you can make sure that you are saving business money, as we are one of the most realistically affordable suppliers of high quality training systems.  When you get used gym sets from us, you are not only getting affordable but also durable products, which were remanufactured like new! Your customers will not even know you bought them at a used state.

As a gym owner, you must prioritize offering variety and quality training to your members so that they will stay and eventually will recruit their friends, colleagues and family members to train in your center, where they can exercise with a wide range of machines under one roof! Establish and build your brand in the fitness industry by completing your facility with only the best machines, flooring, accessories, attachments and benches and racks at very affordable prices.

When durability, quality and dependability are things that matter, you need not search for another gym source online.  You have found the right place where you are valued the most. Our concern is how you improve your business by furnishing it with excellent used training systems manufactured by the best in the industry, at the most affordable prices ever.

If you are interested in learning about discounts and special packages, feel free to contact us through our toll-free number or through filling up our contact form. We regularly update this page with our in stock specials. Never miss the fun.  Sign up and stay updated.

Happy members build muscle. You build a profitable fitness business — and we can help make that happen. Call us today!

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