Ronnie Coleman

Ronnie Coleman LOVES!

We love body building — and nobody does body building like 8-Time Mr. Olympia RONNIE COLEMAN.

We’ve partnered with Ronnie and given him a NEW GYM to pump iron! See pics and video below!

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When wanted to find the best in the world to test our used exercise equipment — we knew we had to find a legendary bodybuilder.

And that’s why we went to none other than Ronnie Coleman.┬áRonnie Coleman was thrilled to test our refurbished gym equipment and used fitness equipment for sale. He realized that we have the best equipment in the world — at the best prices. He tested some of our amazing, classic refurbished gym equipment and he LOVED IT.

In fact, Ronnie Coleman’s favorite quote about our remanufactured gym equipment was this:

“I think it should just be called — because it seems like it’s brand new to me!”

Just checkout all the videos and photos below to see for yourself.

If you’re hoping to open a new gym — then you definitely want to talk to us. In fact, we can figure out ways that you can OPEN TWO GYMS FOR THE PRICE OF ONE.

That’s because we can get you commercial gym equipment for sale at crazy prices. Basically, we take the best used fitness equipment from all over the world. We ship it to California, to our huge factory — and we remanufacture it to be as good as new again.

That’s how we provide cheap gym equipment for sale — that’s just as good as new. And that’s how you can open 2 gyms for the price of 1.

We can also get you bumper-to-bumper warranties on full gym solutions. So you’ll have peace of mind — and a full wallet to match. Open 2 gyms for the price of 1!



Ronnie Loves!

Ronnie Loves!

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