Top 11 Dream Gyms Around The World!

Top 11 Dream Gyms Around The World!

Dream Gyms Around The World

Dream Gyms Around The World


11 Dream Gyms Around The World

When it comes to workouts, inspiration goes a long way. So, to help inspire you to build the gym you’ve always imagined, we here at Used Gym Equipment have rounded up the 11 dream gyms from around the world. Get inspired by these amazing gyms with top-notch equipment and unique amenities.

Athletes’ Performance  – Phoenix, AZ, USA

Home to the renowned NFL Combine Program and state-of-the-art performance innovation labs, elite athletes get the All-Star treatment at this amazing Adidas sponsored facility.

Andaman Hotel – Langkawi, Malaysia

Gaze at wildlife and an ancient rainforest while on the treadmill at this gym, while aromatic tropical breezes cool you off.

Sasakwa Lodge, Tanzania

Located on the Singita Grumeti Reserve, the modern gym allows you to indulge in your own safari adventure, as well as an infinity pool.

The Third Space – London, UK

At this futuristic gym in Soho offers a carbon-filtered swimming pool, padded dojo, boxing ring, altitude rooms, and live DJs.

The Green Microgym – Portland, OR

Eco-conscious athletes help generate electricity using the gym’s high-tech bikes and elliptical machines, and produce twice the power needed to run the facility.

Gold’s Gym – Venice, CA, USA

The top dog, old school Mecca of bodybuilding, Gold’s Gym original location in Venice, California is considered the ultimate dream gym for workout buffs.

Wellness Sky – Belgrade, Serbia

Dubbed the “Danube Flower” this architectural marvel offers breathtaking views throughout the building, along with the famous high-energy cardio and interval training “Body Attack”.

Tschuggen Bergoase – Arosa, Switzerland

Stunning, geometric structures strike out from the rugged Swiss mountain terrain, allowing natural light to flood the workout and treatment rooms.

Nike World Headquarters – Beaverton, OH, USA

Totaling over 2,800 square feet, this renowned facility offers lap pools, sand volleyball courts, an outdoor track and much more.

Illoiha Omotesando Fitness Gym – Tokyo, Japan

Where else could you climb a wall of picture frames, mirrors, deer heads and birdcages, but this fashionable fitness center in Tokyo.

Kerry Center Hotel – Beijing, China

This 5 star luxury gym boasts three stories of 70 state-of-the-art workout machines, tennis and squash courts, a lap pool and a jogging and rollerblading track.




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