Top 5 Gyms in Doha, Qatar

Top 5 Gyms in Doha, Qatar

The fitness craze is taking the Middle East by storm. In fact, many of’s best clients hail from places like Dubai, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt. And thankfully, Qatar is experiencing a business boom, too!

Here are some of the most popular gyms in Doha, the capital of Qatar, which has a population of around 800,000 people and boasts a booming economy.

Gyms in Doha

Gyms in Doha


1. The Sheraton Fitness

The Sheraton Fitness at Sheraton Doha Resort is based on the four principles of optimal performance. They are the Nutrition, Mindset, Recovery and Movement. It is one of the most popular gyms in Doha that offers a variety of facilities to its members. These may include the state of the art fitness equipments with the latest strength training equipment and exercise cardio, qualified fitness instructors, squash courts and volley ball courts, outdoor and indoor tennis courts, massage treatment rooms and rejuvenation and recovery area with a sauna, steam room and a Jacuzzi. For in-room workouts, the gym-in-bag is also available. The center boasts of an aerobic studio with a wide choice of classes such as yoga, kick boxing, Pilates, karate and dancing lessons. Operating 24/7, the center also has a scenic jogging route for the members who prefer outdoors. Fitness never felt such fun and relaxing as at Sheraton Doha Fitness.


2. FIT center

Staying shape in a fully-equipped FIT center is just like dream come true. Spread over a vast area of about 86 square meters, FIT offers a wide range of energizing classes such as Pilates, yoga or just jogging. The center also boasts of free weights, weight machines, balance balls, yoga mats, punching bags, jump ropes and boxing gloves. While working out on treadmills or any other machines, you can stay entertained as there are stationary bikes or elliptical machines outfitted with LCD TVs. The best part is the center allows you to customize your workouts with the help of personal trainer.


3. Fitness First

Located at city center mall, Fitness First offers a broad fitness class schedule, a well equipped gym, steam, sauna and qualified trainers. Body combat, Zumba, Body Pump, Body balance, Body Jam and many other fitness programs are also available here. The center also provides a separate area for male and female workouts. It offers world class facilities which may include free weights, the state-of-art fitness equipments, multiple membership privileges and free group exercise classes. The members can also enjoy doing cardio workout here as it promotes weight loss.


4. Al Massa Gym

This is a specialized gym both for men and women which can also be operated by the General Sports. It offers a wide range of professional classes such as fat burning, yoga, aerobics, body building, weight lifting and much more. The classes for women are functional all day from 8:45 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. Yoga and fat burning are two popular classes here. However, the schedule of the gym may change every month. As regards membership, you can take annually or quarterly, depending upon your fitness goals.


5. Gold’s gym

Gold’s Gym in Doha offers special private training programs tailored to surpass all expectations. The trainers in Gold’s gym are all qualified and have wide knowledge of the body and it functions. For the best workout, hire a trainer who can help you through personalized workout. Personal training may vary from three times per week to three times per month, depending upon your set fitness goals. You can take the help of personal trainers to work on overall conditioning and strength, weight management, sports specific workouts, program development or any other goal you wish to accomplish.




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