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With a population nearing 35,000,000 Canada has a strong base of customers for anyone looking to open up a gym or health club. Moreover, Canadians are just now realizing the value of fitness and health programs en mass. That means that, as a Canadian gym owner, you stand a good chance of making your business profitable quickly. In fact, in the bustling capital of Toronto, there are over 500 gyms operating year round, as our Canuck neighbors realize the great value presented by exercise outside of traditional sports like hockey and skiing.

Additionally, because Canada has such cold winters, with an average temperature in Montreal of just 4 degrees Celsius, Canadians need indoor fitness activities to keep active. That means gyms, indoor sports, and well outfitted health clubs.

Used Gym Equipment Can Help

Unlike other used gym equipment dealers, we have a process at called Remanufacturing. Do not confuse this word with refurbishing, which means to simply change out broken parts and make cosmetic fixes. Remanufacturing is a process of literally stripping off everything from a piece of gym equipment. From there, we custom powder coat paint the frames and replace every single wear part on our machines. Once we are done with a machine, it will look and work as good as new. That is our promise to you.

So if you are looking for gym equipment in Canada, then Used Gym Equipment is the place to be.

We can get you the top brands, precision remanufactured, for unbeatable prices. Some of our best clients who buy gym equipment in Canada and commercial fitness equipment in Canada love to go for popular brands like Precor and Star Trac. We have used exercise equipment for sale in Canada at great prices and the best quality you can get. All the brands, all the machines.

What is more, we have a dedicated and experienced Shipping Department. With our years of expertise, you can be totally certain that your gym equipment will reach Canada safely and securely. We have loads of experience getting gym equipment to Canada, past all customs inspections with ease. And thanks to NAFTA, trade between the United States and Canada has never been easier or cheaper. So you can be sure you are getting a great deal on used gym equipment.

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