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Hammer Strength is a world fitness brand that has been around for more than 30 years with its founder Gary Jones, the son of Arthur Jones who had been with Nautilus as someone responsible for inaugurating the first advantage machines as well as the first low-friction selectorized equipment. After being with Nautilus for 15 years, he set out to build his own brand, “Hammer strength” to redesign and reinvent new exercise machines with dedication on innovative designs, making it a well respected maker of plate-loaded systems and selectorized units.

His vision was creating machines that could mimic real muscle movements so that users can look forward to the most satisfying and efficient workouts there are. He had collaborated and discussed human biomechanics with top athletes, sports doctors and chiropractors, allowing him to conceptualize fitness systems that can integrate human movements and technology to creating fitness systems designed using a Computer Aided Design Solid Modeling tool that allows 3-dimensional modeling. Using it, Jones and experts at the Hammer Strength Company has came up with the most accurate measurements of weight, arc and balance resulting in the creation of the most efficient strength building products unique to the brand. After finalizing research results, they were able to launch for full production back in April of 1989.

Hammer Strength was the name chosen because Gary Jones wanted machines that would represent durability and hard core training for serious athletes. The brand, in order to support this mission, launched the patented ISO-lateral technology that works by allowing the use of one limb in training as well as the utilization of similar or varying weights for each of them while achieving correct motion range unique to each exerciser.

Then, they have developed Ground Base technology that allows users to keep their feet on the ground when working out in order to achieve stabilization and balance in training without compromising workout quality. This technology helps improve the outcome of every work out that can promote an optimal athletic performance and that will help in preventing users from acquiring sports related injuries when playing sports or training for strength.

Since the company’s inception over 30 years ago, they have added several training systems that included benches and racks as well as the MTS or Motion Technology Selectorized among their product offerings. For the benches and racks, they offer more than 25 of body weight, free weight and Olympic training products, all known for their bolt-together design and sturdy construction just as how their plate-loaded systems were created.

Another thing that makes Hammer strength unique is that their MTS lines are able to combine Isolateral movements with efficiency and ease of use of weight stacks. For Hammer Strength, hardcore training does not have to come with difficult adjustments and learning curves done by preserving the smooth feel and integrity of independent limb movement of dual weight stacks. To date, the company keeps on expanding on their MTS and benches and racks lines.

In 1997, Hammer Strength was acquired by the Life Fitness Company that is able to help the brand expand and extend their global reach, improve products, introduce new offerings to the market, with one perfect example was how Life Fitness has helped them improve their product design and production in terms of their MTS lines and benches and racks. Although acquired, Hammer Strength is still an independent Life Fitness line because their products remain to be produced in Falmouth, KY manufacturing plant.

To date, Hammer strength has over 60 various strength training systems and holds 25 feature patents. They are known for plate-loaded machines designed to allow users to load and unload a training unit with varying weight resistance plates and to promote user safety, as compared to using free weights, such as barbell and dumbbell alone. Hammer Strength produces products specific to user needs, such as those for working the lower body, upper body and middle body through varying ground base machines, including hip abductors/adductors, biceps, raises, presses, extensions and leg curls, to name some.

Fitness facilities to qualify as an Official Hammer Strength Training Center, they should have at least 15 Hammer strength units. One of the most significant examples is the Gold’s Gyms all over the world that has been featuring Hammer strength machines for use of their customers. Now let’s discuss Hammer strength products even further. To date, they have a hundreds of gym pieces to depend on, and some of these include the selectorized product lines and the plate-loaded systems they offer. Part of their Select lines for selectorized units include upper body units, such as the shoulder press, seated row, shoulder press, triceps extension and lat pulldown; lower body systems, such as the hip and glute, leg curl, seated leg curl and standing calf; and the torso machines, namely the back extension and abdominal crunch. In addition, plate-loaded systems, which allow adding weights when working out, are developed and created by Hammer Strength as well, and some include the Iso-Lateral rowing, V-squat, seated calf raise and Iso-Lateral Super Incline Press.

When it comes to  innovation and quality, nothing could really beat this company that has been around for decades and that has successfully continued to innovate so that more people could utilize effective training machines and meet their goals in the shortest time but in the least stressful manner there is. Every time, users can rely on Hammer Strength for sports performance, technique development, functional improvement, balance and coordination, weight loss and health and fitness.

Whether you are a startup or established training center owner, you can outfit your gym by adding several training units made by Hammer Strength. Because the brand is known for its dependability, technology and user ease, your members can get the most of their workout all the time.

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