Matrix Woodway
Wholesale Gym Package


This full gym worth of used gym equipment is in excellent working Condition. Get your new gym outfitted today with a Matrix and Octane Cardio equipment, Cybex, Magnum and a full circuit of Matrix G3 strength equipment.

Take Advantage of this amazing opportunity to get started with some of the best names in the fitness industry. 


$46,000 USD

Equipment Included

1 x Woodway Desmo Treadmill
4 x Matrix T3xe Treadmill

Crosstrainers / Ellipticals
1 x Octane LX8000 LateralX Crosstrainer
1 x Octane LX8000 XT One Crosstrainer
1 x Cybex 630a Arc Trainer
1 x Matrix Ascent Trainer
2 x Matrix Crosstrainer

2 x Matrix R5x Recumbent
1 x Matrix H7xe Hyrbid Bike
3 x Expresso Upright Bikes

1 x Rower

Selectorized Equipment
1 x Matrix G3 Chest Press
1 x Matrix G3 Pec Fly Rear Delt
1 x Matrix G3 Shoulder Press
1 x Matrix G3 Lat Raise
1 x Matrix G3 Assisted Chin Dip
1 x Matrix G3 Lat Pulldown
1 x Matrix G3 Seated Row
1 x Matrix G3 Biceps
1 x Matrix G3 Triceps Extension
1 x Matrix G3 Abdominal
1 x Matrix G3 Leg Extension
1 x Matrix G3 Adduction
1 x Matrix G3 Abduction
1 x Matrix G3 Seated Leg Curl
1 x Matrix Versa Leg/Calf Press
1 x Matrix Cable Crossover

Plate Loaded Equipment
1 x Matrix Smith Machine
1 x Matrix Magnum 9′ Power Rack w/ Spotter Stand
1 x Magnum Bi-Angular Horizontal Chest Press
1 x Matrix Bi-Angular Incline Press

Benches and Racks
1 x Squat Rack
1 x Matrix VKR w Chin Up & Dip
2 x Matrix 0-90 Degree
1 x Matrix Flat Bench
1 x Matrix Abdominal Decline Bench
1 x Matrix Triceps Seat
1 x Matrix Seated Preacher Curl Bench
2 x Matrix Pro Style 2 Tier Dumbbell Rack

15-100lb Dumbbell Set
Olympic Plates

1 x Absolo Ab Solo (Ball return machine)
1 x Absolo Ab Coaster CS 3000
1 x Nexersys Cross Body Trainer