Matrix Wholesale
Gym Package


This full gym package came from a Snap Fitness that closed down due to poor membership sales. Take advantage of this amazing opportunity to buy a full gym worth of used gym equipment in excellent condition.

This package comes with Matrix cardio equipment, a Matrix G3 strength circuit, Matrix and Cybex Free Weights and GPI dumbbells and Plates.



Equipment Included

5 x Matrix Ellipticals

Crosstrainers / Ellipticals
2 x Octane XT One

3 x Matrix Stationary Bike

1 x Matrix Stair Stepper

Selectorized Equipment
1 x Matrix Rowing Machine
1 x Matrix Seated Row
1 x Matrix Lat Pulldown
1 x Matrix Pec Fly/Rear Delt
1 x Matrix Dip Assist
1 x Matrix Abdominal
1 x Matrix Hip Adduction
1 x Matrix Hip Abduction
1 x Matrix Back Extension
1 x Matrix Chest Press
1 x Matrix Shoulder Press
1 x Matrix Tricep Extension
1 x Matrix Bicep Curl
1 x Matrix Leg Press
1 x Matrix Leg Extension
1 x Matrix Seated Leg Curl
1 x Matrix Cable Crossover

Plate Loaded Equipment
1 x Matrix Smith Machine
1 x Cybex Leg Press

Benches and Racks
2 x Matrix Adjustable Flat
1 x Matrix Decline Bench
1 x Matrix Preacher Curl Bench
1 x Matrix Seated Bench
1 x Matrix Rack
1 x Matrix 45 Degree Hyper
1 x Matrix Vertical Ab Bench
1 x Matrix Calf Raise
1 x Magnum Flat Bench Assist
1 x Magnum Incline Bench
1 x Cybex Olympic Bench
1 x Dumbbell Rack
1 x Barbell Rack

12 x 45lbs plates
12 x 25lbs plates
6 x 10lbs plates
6 x 5lbs plates
6 x 2.5lbs plates
2 x Iron Weights 5lbs – 100lbs
2 x 1lb to 10lbs
2 x Kettlebells 10,15,& 20
1 x Set Of Dumbbells
1 x Set Of Barbells